Daedalus No Escape: Quick Look

Daedalus does a fantastic job at translating the visceral game play of twitch shooters such as Unreal Tournament or Quake, into a top town perspective. You'll find the same skill ceiling, frantic precision, and chaotic battlefields you would in the previously mentioned games. I would say Daedalus has room to be competitive, and is probably one of the deeper top down shooters I've played.

Daedalus does almost every thing right, but does have one glaring flaw from my experience. Spawn camping. This isn't an issue in many game modes, but particularly in death match, spawn camping is a huge issue. The spawns points aren't randomized, rather they are in set locations, and those points aren't even gated off in any way. Even bots spawn camp in certain game modes. Another thing to note is that Daedalus is a smaller game, and with many smaller games, it'll usually have a smaller community. There will most likely be times of the day where you won't find many, or any players online. Luckily the game comes with servers filled with bots to play with while waiting for human players to get online.

Overall Daedalus does an incredible job at emulating twitch based FPS game play in a top down shooter. Fast, deep, and competitive, if you are a UT or Quake fan, this game is a no brainer.

- Emulates frantic twitch FPS game play from a top down perspective perfectly
- Great visuals and audio
- High skill ceiling, perfect for it's target audience
- Easy to learn

- Spawn camping can be an issue with some game modes
- This game needs a larger community

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