Bravada: Quick Look

Bravada distills classic RPG elements to it's bare essentials. Since the gameplay design is simplified, this turn based RPG can some times feel almost real time. Through it's mechanical simplicity the game strikes a balance of depth and accessibility. The game is easy to learn and understand, but when you get into it, it presents some pretty in depth gameplay. Learning how to position your squad and using your turn efficiently will be key to your success in the game.

The aesthetics and sound quality is quite good. It has a charming cartoony look with humor to match, and a fantasy based sound design to compliment it.

Though I found the game quite enjoyable, it could prove too simple for more hardcore RPG fans. Though even if you are into more hardcore RPGs, I'd still suggest taking a look at Bravada, as it is a very unique experience for any RPG fan.

- Simple and easy to understand mechanics
- Well designed with lots of depth
- Whimsical aesthetic design that helps promote the atmosphere
- Tons of variety and experimentation potential

- Could be too simple for more hardened RPGers
- If you didn't play efficiently through the level, it's possible to be stuck at a boss with no viable possibility of winning. (potential balance issues)

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