Vertical Drop Heroes: Impressions

Vertical Drop Heroes take the traditional rogue-like/lite and turn it on it's side. Instead of scrolling left or right, your hero will be going straight down! This twist offers some interesting strategies, for example, planning where to drop down will be important. Since you can't go back up with out a special block, you could miss important loot if you went down the wrong path. The game does have a passive progression system, comparable to Rogue Legacy. You earn money to buy either in dungeon help, new abilities to randomly gain later, or save it up to earn permanent stat upgrades back at home base. It also plays like a standard Rogue-like/lite. Out side of the dropping down aspect, for any one who is experienced with this genre, this will feel very familiar (this can be taken as either a good or a bad, depending on what you're looking for).

The most addictive aspect of the game is certainly it's plethora of modular upgrades, giving players near endless combinations of characters and dungeons to fall through.

Though the game is quite fun and addictive, it's not with out it's flaws. The combat is very basic, simply mashing the attack near enemies or use 1 of the 2 specials your toon gets generated with. I'm also not really a huge fan of the visuals. This is a personal critique, as some will find it quite charming, but for me, it just doesn't float my boat.

Overall, The game doesn't do too much to evolve the genre, but what it does, it does it well. Vertical Drop Heroes is a fair price rogue-like/lite that's addictive and enjoyable.

- Tons of unlocks
- Great use of modular toon creation
- Highly addictive
- Fair price

- Not a fan of the visuals (Subjective)
- Combat overly basic

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