The Expendabros: Quick Look

Expendabros is essentially the meat of BroForce, with the official license of The Expendables. The game features 7 parody versions of the expendables roster, taking to the field, doing what they do, blow shit up, and eating good ol american apple pie. Well, maybe not the pie, but definitely blowing shit up.

What can I say? It's a free game! A great way for those who haven't tried Broforce to get a good taste, and for those who already own BroForce, well, this is basically free extra content. Nothing wrong with that. Honestly, how can you complain when you get a free mini version of BroForce?

I think it goes with out saying that you should play this. It wont cost you a cent, it's not a very big download, and explosions.

- It's free
- Explosions
- Testosterone
- America
- Democracy

- It's free so it supports socialism
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