Savant - Ascent: Quick Look

Savant features brilliant visuals, audio, and simple but challenging and addictive gameplay. It's only 2 bucks, and the meat of the game is fantastic! Honestly, you can stop reading now, sacrifice just one vending machine trip, and purchase the game, it's good.

But if you want to know more, then know this. Though the game play is enjoyable, and the presentation top shelf, it's a small game. There's not a lot in the way of extra features, even the options menu is relatively lacking, and I suspect the difficulty, though satisfying, was cranked up to hide the game's low content. But with that said, know that what is there, is exceptionally well crafted! Think of it as fine cuisine. You get just enough to be full, and while you were tasting it, it was some of the best you've had, except this game doesn't come at the cost of fine cuisine!

If you've made it this far into the impression, just ignore every thing you read and buy the damn game. Once again... It's good!

- Simple but challenging and addictive gameplay
- Fantastic audio!
- Twitchy gameplay!
- Fancy buzzword visuals!
- It's the cost of a damn candy bar!

- Low price, means low content
- Options menu could use an overhaul

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