Divinity Original Sin: Quick Look

Divinity takes PC turn based RPGs and modernize it with the shimmer and shine of today's graphical standards. Though the game looks fantastic, I would even go as far as saying one of the best in the genre, the core and mechanics stay true to it's source. The game is deep and will require dozens if not hundreds of hours from the player. If you are looking for a time sink, this one will do you just fine. The writing and story are equally as impressive as it's visuals. Characters are lively with humor and personality, and the narrative will draw you in with it's many incentives to role play.

Since the game is so large in scope, I found it to be slow at the start. Not just pacing, but also in understanding. It took me a few re-rolls before I made a game that I was happy with, and even then it took me roughly 3-4 hours before I moved away from the dialog heavy town, and into the more actiony bits. Of course my persistent demand to talk to every single towns folk before leaving may have contributed to more time than needed, and only serve as testimony in how engrossing the writing can be. Also keep in mind, you need to be able to enjoy reading... a lot. There is only limited voice acting and the majority of the game is told in written form.

Overall, the game is every thing I expected and more. It will probably go down as one of the great classics of our time.

- Excellent visuals and overall presentation
- Deep mechanics
- HUGE game
- Lots of customization
- Great writing
- Classic return to form, for this style of RPG

- Slow to start (potentially).
- Could prove too daunting for those who are short on free time.

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