Crawl: Competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler

Crawl takes the idea of dungeon crawling to a competitive level. The game features an unique A-symmetrical competitive design where it's a Hero against a team of ghouls, who may not be able to directly harm the hero, they can spawn mobs, and take over control of traps to hinder the hero's progress. Though the ghouls have a common goal of killing the player, they are them selves, still in competition with each other to land the killing blow. To break it down, it's an XP race, and you've can't gain XP unless you are the hero, and you can only become the hero if your ghoul lands a killing blow. This dynamic presents some very interesting and unforeseen strategies.

The game's art, music, and sound design are all top-notch, and worthy of praise. The pixel art is detailed and well animated, while the music and sound design is distinctly 16 bit. Overall the game keeps to it's theme quite well, and it's certainly not too hard on the eyes.

Though the game features some very unique and interesting design, and top shelf presentation, it's not with out it's flaws. Currently, as of this impression, the game only features local multiplayer. For a game that is very multiplayer focused, this is a huge sin. For those who have people close at hand to have a game, Crawl is an easy recommendation, but if you are not in such a situation maybe not as much. I've played this solo and still enjoyed myself greatly, but after a while, bots are bots, and once the gimmick of the unique mechanics is settled away, boredom can eventually set in. I can see how this is much more interesting with live people, unfortunately I never got to experience this very important aspect of the game due to it's lack of online.

Overall all Crawl is a very uniquely designed competitive game that is both engaging and beautiful. Even at it's current early state the game feels stable and "finished". Any new updates from this point will feel more like extra content, than the game making up for obviously missing parts. This is a good thing :) It's just too bad about the lack of online. With out it It's not as easy of a recommendation as it deserves to be, but hopefully in the (near) future, that will be rectified.

- Uniquely designed competition / mechanics
- Great presentation
- Easy to understand, but challenging

- No online... :(

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