The Fifth Day: Early Impressions

The Fifth Day video created on version: 0.0.1

The Fifth day is another entry to the survival sandbox genre, but this time you're a robot. The game description state that it has craftable bases, hacking, AI, and other goodies, but after 3 hours of playing I saw none of that. After 3 hours I found 2 guns, a book, and some roboty things like power cells and... other kinds of power cells. I've read on the forums that there are some people who have built bases and done all the cool high end stuff this game claims to feature, but if I haven't seen a hint of any of that after 3 hours, I don't even want to fathom the dozens of hours it took those players to get to their point. Basically the game has serious pacing issues. The world though looks passable, is incredibly empty, with little to interact with.

The game does have some redeeming features. The visuals are passable, the concept of being a robot seems interesting, and I like the idea of all the features... too bad I didn't experience any of them.

Now I know this game is early access and because of that I may come back to this and revamp some of this written impression, but for the time being, The Fifth Day is, at it's best, a "wait and see".

- Passable graphic fidelity
- Interesting idea to feature robots as the playable characters
- The features sounds interesting (never experienced them though)

- Terrible pacing
- Extremely obviously unfinished and unpolished
- At the moment, feels generic
- 3 hours... I found a book

"Early Impression" are impressions on early access games available on Steam. We take into account that the game isn't complete, but since it's up for sale, we analyse the current build (as of the recording) from the consumer's perspective.

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