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Interstellar Marines may come off as a generic tactical shooter upon first impressions, but once you start playing, you'll see that this game has a few interesting mechanics that helps separate this game from the plethora of other tactical FPSs on the market. The game features a very interesting, and realistic lighting system, where some times the map will put players into total darkness. This will force players to start using their flashlight which will of course give them away to enemy fire. Certainly an interesting take on a risk-reward system for a tactical FPS. The game also features mid-match dynamic level alterations. The game map will change, closing and opening new choke points and paths, mid match, in real time. This has a dynamic effect on the game field. Lastly the game features a ridiculous amounts of capture points in it's game mode. This came off as a negative, almost as a design flaw at first, but the more I played I saw what the designer had in mind. This tactical shooter encourages spiting up and covering ground, rather than the usual, 7 man in a choke point cluster F*** that the usual tactical shooter tend to lean towards.

The game's audio, and visual is impressive, and it's attention to detail as well as it's lighting is equally so.

The game is not with out it's faults though. In it's current stage of early access, there is no single player campaign, minimal tutorial, only one game mode, and only the default rifles hurt this game's variety. The game also has some net code issues as it has noticeable and undeniable bullet lag. Interstellar Marines also face the hurdle of developing a robust and active community, in the face of hundreds if not thousands of other tactical shooters, fighting for the same audience. Currently the game's community is active, but relatively small. Only 1-3 servers will any sort of population at any given time, or even less.

But overall, Interstellar Marines is a very enjoyable game that has a pile of potential! I think the game should change it's name as it's incredibly generic, and also promote it's unique light and dark play more to help interest more people.

- Unique Light / Dark mechanic
- Unique mid-game battlefield transformation mechanic
- Impressive visuals, especially the lighting
- Very enjoyable and playable, even as an early access

- Needs more variety
- Net code needs a lot of working out
- Needs to build a larger community

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