Abyss Odyssey: Impressions

Abyss Odyssey: Impressions

Abyss Odyssey blends multiple genres to create some thing very unique. If I was to sum the game up I would call it "Super DarkSoulsVania 2 Turbo". It blends rpg, action platforming, and fighting game sensibilities. The fighting mechanics are deep with a lot of elements for the player to master. Abyss Odyssey is actually quite a challenging game that demands precision mastery of your attacks, as well as your platforming skills.

The game also features many unique mechanics that really helps separate this game from the heard. On death, you get a 2nd chance by having a normal, human solder to take your place. He's basically a nerfed version of other playable characters, but if you manage to reach an alter with him, you can resurrect your hero and continue your journey. If your solder dies, that's game over, the game state is reset to the beginning. You can also capture enemy souls and become them, allowing you to play as a huge number of creatures, all with their own move sets, all with their own combat style. This game is incredibly diverse. Lastly, one of the most interesting features that makes this game so unique is the ability to work with all your fellow source hunters who are playing this game to unlock new things in Abyss Odyssey. Every time some one kills the end boss while online, they contribute to the destruction of the stone mask in the game. Once the mask is destroyed, whole new elements of this game become unlocked. This is a brilliant idea that helps with replayability

Throw in some local and online multiplayer, add some classic Mucha inspired art nouveau, with a pinch of punishment, and we have one of the most unique, and gorgeous action platformer that has ever graced gaming culture.

9001% recommended.

- Gorgeous Mucha inspired art nouveau visual style
- Great sound track
- Incredibly deep mechanics
- Diverse rogue gallery of playable creatures
- Unique blend of rpg, action platforming, and fighting game sensibilities
- Challenging but fair
- Very replayable

- Large learning curb
- Can feel sluggish at first
- Some animation quirks
- Could pose frustrating for some

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