Shitty Quest

Shitty Quest

Welcome to Shitty Quest, a completely free indie point and click adventure developed by "JimPlaysGame". Jim is a sole indie developer, Youtuber, and Twitcher, and "Shitty Quest" was his first creations. It tells the story of the story being created, an interesting premise. One that is snarky, self aware, and full of self referencing satire. It's one of the most interesting experiences I've had playing a point and click.

Just as a note of transparency:
In the video I stated that I never really communicated with Jim personally, but before the video was released, Jim and I and his following had a few games on TF2, and we ended up having a chat in Steam, so we have actually talked prior to this video's release (but not till after the recording). He also gave us permission to show case the entire play through of Shitty Quest.

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