Mercenary Kings: Impressions

Mercenary Kings: Impressions

We go Mercenary Kings, a side scrolling action shooter. Recently taken off of early access, and released as a full game. Inspired from the likes of Metal Slug, with an interesting weapon customization mechanic.

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

Any game put up for sale, whither it be full release or early access, will be analysed in this series. Early access games will be made note of in the commentary as well as the version it was recorded on, noted in the description. If it's off a donation / kick starter service, and put up for sale, it's only fair that the consumer still receive honest information.

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