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Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PC): Quick Look

MGSV:GZ has all the gameplay qualities that most of you have come to expect from the MGS series. Ground Zeroes is a great looking game, especially if you are running it from a mid-high tier machine or above. It's very well optimized and shows noticeable improvement from it's console counterpart.

If you're into the MGS series this is an easy recommendation, but every one needs to be aware that your first play through will only be between 2-4 hours depending on how you play. It's not a lot, and certainly much less from what we've come to be used to from AAA release. But the game does offer multiple ways to play, and gives incentive to multiple playthroghs. If you are to look at a game like Transistor which is about the same price, it also only has 2-4 hours first time through. From that perspective I feel I can still recommend MGSV:GZ even with it's short play time.

Overall I enjoyed what the game had to offer and I am very very excited for the Phantom Pain

- Great visuals
- Great optimization for the PC
- Classic MGS gameplay
- Multiple ways to play, multiple playthrough possibilities

- Very short for a AAA release
- Only features one area

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The Talos Principle: Impressions

The Talos Principle is a philosophical first person puzzler. You'll be exploring gorgeous environments as you solve puzzle to puzzle, so you can collect pieces to complete other puzzles! While you tickle your brain, the game slowly unfolds a loose narrative that explores themes of the self, and the existential. Philosophy majors, this game is practically made for you!

Though it all could sound slightly pretentious, the creatively designed puzzles that seems to hit just the right mark in difficulty and satisfaction, that I think even the most modest of puzzle players (like myself) can find a lot of enjoyment from The Talos Principle. If you're not into heavy philosophical themes, the good news is the gameplay is more than enough as the focal point.

The Talos principle also features some of the best graphics I've seen this year in games. Not only are the texture, model, and lighting quality expertly crafted, but the design, the idea of mixing multiple timeline motifs, is equally worth praising. Those who enjoy a great sound track from their games won't be disappointed here either.

To be honest, I have a hard time coming up with a negative for this game. I am really enjoying it so far, and I find most every aspect of it very satisfying. I think the only thing that might be keeping some potential players away is the price point. $40 is defiantly a higher end price point for what a lot consider and indie game. I don't agree with the notion that indie games need to be set at a lower price point, but I am also aware it does exists. What I will say is that the game has a presentation quality that in my opinion, is on the same level as many AAA games, while retaining that creative freedom that indie games have come to be known for.

- Creative and satisfying puzzles
- Gorgeous art and design
- Great OST
- Intrigueing narrative

- Might be pricey for some

Free On Pretty Games - Hollow // Hets // Offworld -

This edition of Free on we take a look at "pretty", or aesthetically pleasant games.

The "Free on" series is a showcase series where I take a quick first look into 3 free games featured on, an indie games platform. Each video in this series will take a theme, and we showcase games that looks like it would fit into the picked theme.

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Games featured this episode:




Chaos Reborn: Early impression Ft: FedoraG4mer

Chaos Reborn is a very interesting multiplayer focused turn based strategy game, that seems to feature some CCG elements as well. You start as a wizard each and as the turns move on you'll be casting creatures, and spells from the cards drawn from your deck, while racing to mana wells to power up your abilities.

Certainly it features a lot of tactical thinking and great for those who enjoy cerebral gameplay. The game currently looks quite good as well, with a fantasy setting that could rival Blizzard design. Though the gameplay is quite enjoyable already do know it's not perfect and there are serious missing elements to this game currently.

Almost all character customization and a large part of the progression system has yet to be implmented (as of this impression) and the gameplay focus almost soley on RNG based tactics.

Currently I can say the gameplay is enjoyable, but lacks any sense of commitment since the progression system is simply not there. The game's core is playable currently but do know a very large portion of this game has yet to be implemented. It feels very incomplete right now.

I will give this game a recommendation solely because steam dosn't allow for mixed reviews, but do know you are getting the bare minimum currently. I'd recommend keeping an eye on Chaos reborn for the time being and invest in it on later versions or even when the game is complete

- Good visuals and audio
- Engaging tactical play
- From a proven and competent development team

- Feels very early and incomplete. Too many features missing
- Balance needs tweaking

Distance: Early Impressions

Distance features high quality visuals and audio, with a great sound track. The game is essentially an arcade racer that focuses on avoiding obstacles and quick reflexes. It has a lot of very interesting ideas and mechanics, including flight (yeah, your car can fly), interesting play on gravity (drive on walls and ceiling), and some environmental hazards that are quite unique in how they can affect your performance.

The game excels at giving the player the sensation of speed, but also keeps him/her on their toes as the tracks are always littered with piles of hazards. When you first jump into Distance, some parts of the game may get frustrating at first, and your first flight will probably end in tragedy. There is a learning curve, but if you can get over that hump, this game can feel incredibly satisfying as you learn to needle thread through obstacles, and flipping your car just at the right moment, you'll find that "holy shit" moment more than once.

My only real complaint is how the game handles gravity some times. As mentioned previously, you can flip your car to drive on ceilings and walls, but the game some times doesn't know what to do with the car if you don't jump or flip exactly as the game wants you to. Instead of making a landing that looked perfectly reasonable, you fly off into the nether, then your car blows up... I hope the developers can make some adjustments in the future and tweak the gravity to be more consistent and user friendly.

Distance is in Early Access, but unlike many in the same program Distance feels very complete. It already features a full and robust options and graphics settings, level editor with over 150 user made maps available already, local and online multiplayer, and multiple ways to play the campaign maps. Distance has raised the bar of what gamers can expect from early access games, and this is a good thing.

Overall Distance is a very enjoyable arcade racer that will have you pulling your hair out one minute, and in the next, your nose will be touching the screen with focus and determination. It's a hell of a ride.

- Great visuals and audio
- Fast and visceral gameplay
- Challenging
- Tons of interesting ideas
- Feels extremely complete for an early access (Beta 3297)

- Gravity feels wonky at times
- Can be frustrating at first

Early Look: Blood Star

Blood Star combines elements of ARPGs with isometric shooters, presented in the visual styling of "Don't Starve". This game has been criminally under the radar. Check out why I'm excited for Blood Star!

In the "Early Look" series, we showcase games that are either on Steam Greenlight, under crowd funding, or still in development and have not been released for sale. In this series, we focus on describing the game more than any thing else and we aren't overly critical since it's still in early stages and not on sale. However we will offer some feedback based on our experience.

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Steam Greenlight for Blood Star

Kickstarter for Blood Star

Official Website Blood Star

Early Impressions: The Deer God

The Deer God features some of the most impressive 2.5D pixel art I've seen. Between the pleasing color pallet, the detailed animations, and the overall love and care that shines through in the design is breath taking. It's high quality aesthetic certainly helps the game as one of the most enjoyable aspect of the Deer God is simply exploring and discovering the game's many biomes and events.

As you play through the game, you'll be looking for food, surviving against predators, and environmental hazards, and growing big and strong. As you grow you'll also get faster, stronger, and can jump higher. You'll also be able to chose to become "good" or "evil" through your own actions, each featuring it's own risks and rewards. Besides exploring and platforming, you'll be developing your deer as well. But be careful, as the game features perma-death, and the only way to continue with your built up progress after an untimely demise, is to have children once you've reached maturity.

Though the game is gorgeous, and it's concept unique to it's own, it's not quite perfect. After playing an hour or 2 of Deer God, you'll start seeing more and more repetition of environments and in events. Even though you'll start seeing repetition, the game's character progression system, I feel to be too slow. On my best run, 45 minutes I saw most of the game's biomes (many times over) and my progress with my deer has reached adult, but have barely gained any new abilities or gathered enough "good" or "evil" points to seem to make a difference. I feel like this slow progress was designed to artificially raise the play time, and I feel that more variety of game events, biomes, and smarter platforming design would help this game in a big way. It should also go with out saying, that the current progress system could use some tweaking as well.

Though the game's progression system I feel could use some work, I believe Deer God is a great game overall. Even in early access, the game feels quite complete and very playable, which is not some thing I can say too often, when speaking about early access. So if Deer God looks interesting enough, you could do a lot worst.

- Beautiful aesthetic and sound design
- Unique game concept
- Relaxing and calming

- Progression system currently feels artificially bloated
- Could be too simple for some

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Steam Store page for The Deer God

Early Impressions: European Ship Simulator

European Ship Simulator is exactly as the name states, it is a simulation of what it's like to take control of a variety of European style ships. It's in early access so there is still a ways to go for this game but it does show some promise.

Graphically the game looks mostly top-notch. The interior of the ship's cabin are well detailed with high resolution textures and great quality models. You'll find all the small intricacies that you would in a real ship, switches, knobs, GPS, etc, which helps with immersion. The water and weather effects are also some great stuff as well. Though the ship's interior, and the ships them selves show some good quality, the game isn't 100% consistent at the moment. Some of the environmental models, such as buildings, the docks, and streets, are very low polygon and features low resolution textures. I'm hoping that these lacking elements in the visuals are just place holders until a later / final build. Audio wise I got no complaints as the sound effects are realistic with great background noises from the boat's motor and the sounds of the ocean itself keeping you company.

As far as gameplay goes, It's surprisingly easy to learn and to get adjusted to, as the main controls is "WASD". Some ships will feature the option of more intricate controls with the num pad, allowing you to manipulate each of the ship's engines individually. Even at it's early stage, the game does a good job at simulating what it's like to drive a ship...for better or worst. I say this because, though the game achieves good results as a simulation, due to what it's simulating it may make it an incompatible for some gamers. Unlike Euro Truck Simulator, where you have the micromanagement of traffic, following traffic laws, avoiding cars, etc, European Ship Simulator is mostly "set sails to full" then auto-pilot straight. There will be lulls where you are simply doing nothing but watching the waves as you wait for your ship to arrive in a straight line to your destination. For enthusiast of simulation games or sailing, this won't be an issue, as that demographic probably already understand this before jumping in, but for the average gamer who is just curious to this game, know that this is a simulation before it's a game.

Currently at the time of this impression (version 633), there isn't much in the way of options, graphics, or audio, and there is only 4 missions available with no linking campaign or side features. This is early access I do understand, but at the same time I think it's fair to let people know that in it's current state, it is the bare minimum.

Overall, European Ship Simulator shows a lot of promise, that I think will shape up to be some thing quite interesting. But currently, it does feel rather unfinished. If you are a simulation game or ship/boat enthusiast, it might be worth your cash to check it out, even in it's early stages, but for every one else, keep an eye on it, but wait for later versions or even it's final release.

- Mostly realistic and high quality visuals
- Feels realistic
- Varied amount of ships are enjoyable to cruise around in
- Shows promise of a bright future

- Visual quality not 100% consistent
- Feels very incomplete currently (ver: 633)
- Subject matter might not be as universally appearling as Euro Truck Simulator

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Steam Store page for European Ship Simulator

Free On Weird Games - Roadkill // Enviro-Bear 2000 // VIDdEO -

Welcome to the first edition of "Free on", and in our first episode, we take a look at 3 weird games for your enjoyment.

The "Free on" series is a showcase series where I take a quick first look into 3 free games featured on, an indie games platform. Each video in this series will take a theme, and we showcase games that looks like it would fit into the picked theme.

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Games featured this episode:


Enviro-Bear 2000:


Never Alone: Impressions

Never Alone to put it simply is a puzzle platformer, but the game is a whole lot more than that. It's an interactive tribute piece to the indigenous people of Alaska. Every thing about this game is distinctly of that culture. The environments, the integration of traditional art into the game's mechanics, even down to the anatomy of the characters involved. The game is not only an enjoyable platformer, but also educational and inspiring.

The game's story is based off of a folk tale from the culture that it's based on and the narrative is certainly one that is heartfelt. The relationship between the little girl and the fox is one that will resonate with all people, going into themes of friendship, survival, and even lost of loved ones. To go with the story, the game also features a fantastic mini-documentary that details the indigenous Alaskan's heritage and culture. As you unlock these videos, the details from the video will often manifest itself into the environment and gameplay. A great way to add some context to the game's mechanics and narrative.

Visually and audio wise, this game got it in spades. It's a beautiful game, that has been expertly rendered into a truly unique and awe inspiring piece, art as games exemplified if you will. It takes ques from the traditions of the people in the story, and overall, I would argue it's visual and design quality could rival those of Pixar.

Though with out a doubt I can tell you that Never Alone is of a high caliber in quality, it's not with out it's flaws. Though the AI controlled character does a mostly good job at doing what it suppose to, there will be times where the AI is simply not smart enough which will lead to some frustrations when playing solo. This issue of course can be marginalized when played with another player. Another issue is that the game does have some bugs. They don't occur often, and if it does there is a reset to last check point in the menu to help you if said issue comes up. These were minor issues that I was able to get over during play, but still things that are worth noting.

Overall Never Alone is a fantastic experience that fans of this genre, or those who are interested in the culture presented in the game, should not miss out on!

- Beautiful aesthetic and design
- A true tribute to the people depicted in the game
- Inspiring, educational, and it's fun to boot!
- A great narrative experience
- Wonderful mini-documentary as a special feature

- The AI partner though mostly good, can be frustrating during the times that it's bad
- Some minor bugs present

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Steam Store page for Never Alone

We have a new look

If you have been on our site or any of our social media over the past several days you will have noticed there have been some changes in our brand in an attempt to standardize and make our brand more recognizable.  We just wanted to draw some more attention to it as well as ask your thoughts of any changes or improvements we could make to improve your experience.

Kings of War - 2nd Edition

If you are into tabletop gaming, or would like to get into it, now is a good time to to check out Mantic Games Kings of War(KoW).  Mantic are Kickstarting their new 2nd edition rulebook and are giving away some awesome stretch goals for a pretty reasonable pledge amount.  I am a fan of Mantic as you may know from other posts I have done here and I think KoW is a solid tabletop with its current FREE rulebook.  It is also pretty awesome that you can get everything for two people to have a game for $150 with their Kickstarter campaign, including some pretty cool extras.

Daedalus No Escape: Quick Look

Daedalus does a fantastic job at translating the visceral game play of twitch shooters such as Unreal Tournament or Quake, into a top town perspective. You'll find the same skill ceiling, frantic precision, and chaotic battlefields you would in the previously mentioned games. I would say Daedalus has room to be competitive, and is probably one of the deeper top down shooters I've played.

Daedalus does almost every thing right, but does have one glaring flaw from my experience. Spawn camping. This isn't an issue in many game modes, but particularly in death match, spawn camping is a huge issue. The spawns points aren't randomized, rather they are in set locations, and those points aren't even gated off in any way. Even bots spawn camp in certain game modes. Another thing to note is that Daedalus is a smaller game, and with many smaller games, it'll usually have a smaller community. There will most likely be times of the day where you won't find many, or any players online. Luckily the game comes with servers filled with bots to play with while waiting for human players to get online.

Overall Daedalus does an incredible job at emulating twitch based FPS game play in a top down shooter. Fast, deep, and competitive, if you are a UT or Quake fan, this game is a no brainer.

- Emulates frantic twitch FPS game play from a top down perspective perfectly
- Great visuals and audio
- High skill ceiling, perfect for it's target audience
- Easy to learn

- Spawn camping can be an issue with some game modes
- This game needs a larger community

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Project Numbus: Early Impressions

Project Nimbus is a quick, action packed, and highly responsive mech flighter. You take control of one of many different mechs and dog fight in a variety of different scenarios. The game features easy to handle mech flight with some face pace air combat. The visuals are quite sleek and clean, with some of the best sky and atmosphere effects I've seen in any game! The clouds are ridiculously realistic, and so is the atmosphere effect.

Though the overall game as of this review is good with some very high caliber game play and presentation, it is early in it's early access phase, and the game really does feel incomplete at the moment. There's a lack of options in the options menu, the survival mode feels very incomplete and tacked on, and the campaign, though enjoyable, only features the first act.

Though the game does feel a little light on it's content currently, I highly recommend to at least keep an eye on Project Nimbus if you don't decide on the purchase. If you do end up buying the game, know that it is incomplete, but what is there, is very enjoyable. I see amazing things for this game in the future.

- Great and realistic sky aesthetics
- Fast, and demanding game play
- Easy to learn
- Has a lot of potential

- Feels incomplete currently
- Some features such as survival mode seems tacked on

Devil's Dare: Quick Look

Devil's Dare wear it's inspirations on it's sleeves. The game does a great job at parodying and paying homage to the games that proceeded it. It takes notes from classic beat'm ups such as River City Ransom, Streets of Rage, Ninja Turtles, etc. If I was to nail one classic game it resembles the most, I would have to say River City Ransom.

The game features an interesting combo system, rewarding the player for higher hit counts and an interesting perma-death mechanic. Gold in this game is used to buy revives, with out enough gold you die, your save file is deleted, and a kitten some where probably died because of you. It's not an easy game to say the least. The game has enough challenge to keep hardcores around, while remaining easy enough to understand that most can get into.

Though I think it's obvious that I've enjoyed the game overall, it's not with out it's problems. There is no resolution option, and the game's default is rather low. There's also no auto detection for game pads, you must manuelly enter each command from the options menu. Not game breaking issues, but noticeable enough be mentioned. Besides some quality of life issues, the game is not the most responsive beat'm up I've ever played. It could be argued for the sake of game balance, but some times I get into situations where I have no options to avoid an incoming attack, even if I see it a mile away. As mentioned before, these long animation frames could be argued as game balances, but overall, it's more sluggish than most in the genre.

Though the game is not perfect, it has enough charm and challenge, to keep most nostalgia junkies happy. Devil's Dare is an enjoyable light romp, that will have you giggling at the many many references to your childhood.

+ Excellent execution on it's style and humor
+ A must play for nostalgia fans
+ Fun and challenging combat
+ Easy to understand, tough to master

- Quality of life issues (lack of resolution options, no game pad auto-detect)
- Attacks can feel sluggish at times
- No online multiplayer

Bravada: Quick Look

Bravada distills classic RPG elements to it's bare essentials. Since the gameplay design is simplified, this turn based RPG can some times feel almost real time. Through it's mechanical simplicity the game strikes a balance of depth and accessibility. The game is easy to learn and understand, but when you get into it, it presents some pretty in depth gameplay. Learning how to position your squad and using your turn efficiently will be key to your success in the game.

The aesthetics and sound quality is quite good. It has a charming cartoony look with humor to match, and a fantasy based sound design to compliment it.

Though I found the game quite enjoyable, it could prove too simple for more hardcore RPG fans. Though even if you are into more hardcore RPGs, I'd still suggest taking a look at Bravada, as it is a very unique experience for any RPG fan.

- Simple and easy to understand mechanics
- Well designed with lots of depth
- Whimsical aesthetic design that helps promote the atmosphere
- Tons of variety and experimentation potential

- Could be too simple for more hardened RPGers
- If you didn't play efficiently through the level, it's possible to be stuck at a boss with no viable possibility of winning. (potential balance issues)

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Savant - Ascent: Quick Look

Savant features brilliant visuals, audio, and simple but challenging and addictive gameplay. It's only 2 bucks, and the meat of the game is fantastic! Honestly, you can stop reading now, sacrifice just one vending machine trip, and purchase the game, it's good.

But if you want to know more, then know this. Though the game play is enjoyable, and the presentation top shelf, it's a small game. There's not a lot in the way of extra features, even the options menu is relatively lacking, and I suspect the difficulty, though satisfying, was cranked up to hide the game's low content. But with that said, know that what is there, is exceptionally well crafted! Think of it as fine cuisine. You get just enough to be full, and while you were tasting it, it was some of the best you've had, except this game doesn't come at the cost of fine cuisine!

If you've made it this far into the impression, just ignore every thing you read and buy the damn game. Once again... It's good!

- Simple but challenging and addictive gameplay
- Fantastic audio!
- Twitchy gameplay!
- Fancy buzzword visuals!
- It's the cost of a damn candy bar!

- Low price, means low content
- Options menu could use an overhaul

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Vertical Drop Heroes: Impressions

Vertical Drop Heroes take the traditional rogue-like/lite and turn it on it's side. Instead of scrolling left or right, your hero will be going straight down! This twist offers some interesting strategies, for example, planning where to drop down will be important. Since you can't go back up with out a special block, you could miss important loot if you went down the wrong path. The game does have a passive progression system, comparable to Rogue Legacy. You earn money to buy either in dungeon help, new abilities to randomly gain later, or save it up to earn permanent stat upgrades back at home base. It also plays like a standard Rogue-like/lite. Out side of the dropping down aspect, for any one who is experienced with this genre, this will feel very familiar (this can be taken as either a good or a bad, depending on what you're looking for).

The most addictive aspect of the game is certainly it's plethora of modular upgrades, giving players near endless combinations of characters and dungeons to fall through.

Though the game is quite fun and addictive, it's not with out it's flaws. The combat is very basic, simply mashing the attack near enemies or use 1 of the 2 specials your toon gets generated with. I'm also not really a huge fan of the visuals. This is a personal critique, as some will find it quite charming, but for me, it just doesn't float my boat.

Overall, The game doesn't do too much to evolve the genre, but what it does, it does it well. Vertical Drop Heroes is a fair price rogue-like/lite that's addictive and enjoyable.

- Tons of unlocks
- Great use of modular toon creation
- Highly addictive
- Fair price

- Not a fan of the visuals (Subjective)
- Combat overly basic

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Steam Store page for Chess 2 the Sequel:

Chess 2 the Sequel: Impressions

Chess 2 takes the classic game of chess and adds in a bunch of new armies and it's own flavor of new rules. Chess players should feel right at home, as chess 2 still keeps true to it's heritage. Besides a selection of armies to play as, one of the most significant rule addition is the new median line. Any king that passes it wins, essentially adding a whole new win condition to the classic game of chess. Chess being an hold as the hills game, the Sequel does a pretty good job at introducing new metas and strategies to really freshen up this ageless classic.

Visually the game goes with a realistic look. At first glance it may not have the visual impact of a more stylized game, but I think fans of chess will appreciate it's more sophisticated aesthetic. The pieces are well detailed with intricate trimmings and most importantly off all, the new pieces look like they belong in chess, and describe's it's characteristics well.

Though Chess 2's main meat is strong and enjoyable, it's not with out it's flaws. There are serious "quality of life" issues with the game. The lack of any sort of options, visual, audio, or even a menu is very odd. Even 8bit games have an options menu so I don't understand why Chess 2 doesn't. The game also focus on it's multiplayer. Though there is online play, there is no lobby system, no way to match with your friends currently. This is a huge over sight for a game like this. The devs did mention that they have an update planned for some sort of match making, which is great to hear, but it is missing on it's release so keep that in mind.

Overall Chess 2 is a wonderful game that will have veterans giggling like school girls, delighted at the discovery of new metas. For chess fans, this is an easy recommendation, but if you are just the regular gamer, curious to chess 2, with out more features or an options menu, it's always good to do more research.

- Discovery of new metas
- Armies are interesting and unique
- Appropriate and detailed visuals
- New rules are enjoyable
- Still feels like chess, but new!

- No options
- No Lobby
- Low on features

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Steam Store page for Chess 2 the Sequel:

Special thanks to...

the Again...

and Josh from GamingFTL...

...for helping me test play this! You guys make wonderful human guinea pigs :D

NeonXSZ: Early Impressions

NeonXSZ takes flight gameplay into an open cyber punk world, with tons of upgrades and customization. The game can be challenging, with a robust amount of upgrades for the player to experiment with for a long long time. With excellent flight controls, exciting dog fights, and lots to explore, NeonXSZ is a game with a ton of "meat" and depth. There is a small learning curve to get over, but once you get the hang of it, the game opens up. NeonXSZ is also incredibly impressive with buttons on your ship's hud actually functional, to the overall visual and sound effects. I felt as though I was in the ship piloting my enemies destruction.

The Aesthetics and sound is well suited to the overall theme of the game. Though the textures are rather basic, the lighting, design, and style makes up for it. The sound of course is full of beeps and boops, and robot voices, as you would expect from a cyber punk game. It's done well, and works with the game's theme.

To sum how the game plays out in a nut shell, you go around, exploring your environment, hunting down enemy ships, blow them up, and collect their valuable. Then you take those valuable and make new upgrades for your ship. Rinse, find new space stations, and repeat. The game is quite grindy, and I would even argue that it's designed around the grind. People like myself who don't mind the grind as long as it's well designed will welcome this, but those who are more sensitive to grindy games, it's worth your time to do a little more research before committing to a purchase.

Overall NeonXSZ is an enjoyable exploratory flight RPG, with lots of customization. Even though it is pretty grindy in nature, the game is deep and versatile enough to hold my attention. I recommend NeonXSZ

- Deep and varied amounts of customization
- Challenging gameplay
- Easy to understand flight controls
- Very immersive
- Has that "addictive" quality
- Cyber punk your brains out

- Lack of graphical options
- Lack of side features
- People sensitive to grinds may be put off

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Steam Store page for NeonXSZ

N.P.P.D. Rush the Milk of Ultraviolet: Quick Look

N.P.P.D. RUSH takes the duel stick formula, toss in some rock and roll and a bunch of cyber punk themed pixels in your face. It's a fast paced, challenging and overall enjoyable game. With that said, it's not with out it's flaws. There is a lack of features, as well as no controller support. As a twin stick, I feel controller support is quite important. There doesn't seem to be a huge degree in variety, as it's really just shooting a bunch of stuff, but luckily, shooting a bunch of stuff this game does well, and it is quite fun.

I'm not 100% if it's worth the full asking price, as low as it is, but if you are intrigued it's not terrible, just not perfect. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping an eye for a good sale, as it is at the very least, worth a check out.

- Suitable sound track for the game's theme
- Shooting dudes is fun
- Challenging
- Well themed

- Can be repetitive to some
- Lack of features
- No controller support
- Lack of variety

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Divinity Original Sin: Quick Look

Divinity takes PC turn based RPGs and modernize it with the shimmer and shine of today's graphical standards. Though the game looks fantastic, I would even go as far as saying one of the best in the genre, the core and mechanics stay true to it's source. The game is deep and will require dozens if not hundreds of hours from the player. If you are looking for a time sink, this one will do you just fine. The writing and story are equally as impressive as it's visuals. Characters are lively with humor and personality, and the narrative will draw you in with it's many incentives to role play.

Since the game is so large in scope, I found it to be slow at the start. Not just pacing, but also in understanding. It took me a few re-rolls before I made a game that I was happy with, and even then it took me roughly 3-4 hours before I moved away from the dialog heavy town, and into the more actiony bits. Of course my persistent demand to talk to every single towns folk before leaving may have contributed to more time than needed, and only serve as testimony in how engrossing the writing can be. Also keep in mind, you need to be able to enjoy reading... a lot. There is only limited voice acting and the majority of the game is told in written form.

Overall, the game is every thing I expected and more. It will probably go down as one of the great classics of our time.

- Excellent visuals and overall presentation
- Deep mechanics
- HUGE game
- Lots of customization
- Great writing
- Classic return to form, for this style of RPG

- Slow to start (potentially).
- Could prove too daunting for those who are short on free time.

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Hangeki: Impressions

Hangeki to break it down is what Space Invaders would be if it had a proper sequel. It's fast paced and flashy, but under all that there's a challenging score attack game. Hangeki challenges the player to use their arsenal efficiently so they can continue their kill chain and maintain a steady charge for a "Hangeki" blast to clear the screen. The game's target audience, the people who loved classic arcade games, should find this very interesting. Those who might not be as inclined into score attack style games, you may want to do a little more research.

Though the game is fun, and is a unique take on classic arcade shumps, it's not with out it's flaws. There are 2 notable design flaws that hinder the player's ability to quickly decipher the battle field. The game demands efficient use of your special abilities in order to keep your kill streak going, but since the ability HUD is small and placed on the bottom left corner, it forces the player to take his/her eyes off of the main focus, the ship, in order to glance at their abilities. The bullets from the enemies can also be too small and blends in with the back ground. Couple these 2 issues with the bullet hell nature of this genre, along with all the other micromanagement you'll have to do, it adds frustration in areas where it otherwise would be fine.

Overall Hangaki is an enjoyable score attack game that evolves the old classic arcade shump genre. For those who are interested in this sort of game, Hangeki might be a good fit.

- Exciting gameplay
- Flashy visuals
- Evolves the classic arcade "shump" genre with it's own flavor
- Encourages replay

- Could induce seizure or epilepsy. I am not exaggerating, this is a real possibility with this game
- Could prove repetitive to some

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Crawl: Competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler

Crawl takes the idea of dungeon crawling to a competitive level. The game features an unique A-symmetrical competitive design where it's a Hero against a team of ghouls, who may not be able to directly harm the hero, they can spawn mobs, and take over control of traps to hinder the hero's progress. Though the ghouls have a common goal of killing the player, they are them selves, still in competition with each other to land the killing blow. To break it down, it's an XP race, and you've can't gain XP unless you are the hero, and you can only become the hero if your ghoul lands a killing blow. This dynamic presents some very interesting and unforeseen strategies.

The game's art, music, and sound design are all top-notch, and worthy of praise. The pixel art is detailed and well animated, while the music and sound design is distinctly 16 bit. Overall the game keeps to it's theme quite well, and it's certainly not too hard on the eyes.

Though the game features some very unique and interesting design, and top shelf presentation, it's not with out it's flaws. Currently, as of this impression, the game only features local multiplayer. For a game that is very multiplayer focused, this is a huge sin. For those who have people close at hand to have a game, Crawl is an easy recommendation, but if you are not in such a situation maybe not as much. I've played this solo and still enjoyed myself greatly, but after a while, bots are bots, and once the gimmick of the unique mechanics is settled away, boredom can eventually set in. I can see how this is much more interesting with live people, unfortunately I never got to experience this very important aspect of the game due to it's lack of online.

Overall all Crawl is a very uniquely designed competitive game that is both engaging and beautiful. Even at it's current early state the game feels stable and "finished". Any new updates from this point will feel more like extra content, than the game making up for obviously missing parts. This is a good thing :) It's just too bad about the lack of online. With out it It's not as easy of a recommendation as it deserves to be, but hopefully in the (near) future, that will be rectified.

- Uniquely designed competition / mechanics
- Great presentation
- Easy to understand, but challenging

- No online... :(

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Music by Indeimaus

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The Expendabros: Quick Look

Expendabros is essentially the meat of BroForce, with the official license of The Expendables. The game features 7 parody versions of the expendables roster, taking to the field, doing what they do, blow shit up, and eating good ol american apple pie. Well, maybe not the pie, but definitely blowing shit up.

What can I say? It's a free game! A great way for those who haven't tried Broforce to get a good taste, and for those who already own BroForce, well, this is basically free extra content. Nothing wrong with that. Honestly, how can you complain when you get a free mini version of BroForce?

I think it goes with out saying that you should play this. It wont cost you a cent, it's not a very big download, and explosions.

- It's free
- Explosions
- Testosterone
- America
- Democracy

- It's free so it supports socialism
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Crypt of the Necrodancer: Early Impressions

Crypt of the Necrodancer video created on version: v.0.370 Alpha

Crypt of the Necrodancer genre blends rhythm based mechanics with rogue like/lite much more successfully than Limp Bitzkit's attempt at blending rap and rock. Think traditional turn based rogue like/lites but each beat of the game's music is it's own turn. It's a simple, but very well executed catch that adds a lot of flavor to the game.

The pixel art is gorgeous, with detailed textures and animations, the up beat electronic music, though seemingly off themed from the game's more fantastical setting, is catchy and works well with the designed mechanics. If you're not a fan of the music (because you are probably insane), you can always play your own music which the game will build stages out of.

Crypt of the Necrodancer also comes with a variety of different modes and features for you to explore, including hardcore, training, and a pile of items and upgrades to unlock. Even as an early access (or perhaps, especially because), it feels very complete. Further improvements from this point will feel more like free DLC than the game subsidizing for missing content.

Overall, Crypt of the Nectrodancer is a very unique take on the rogue like/lite genre. It executes it's genre blending perfectly, offering easy to understand, but challenging mechanics, catering to the hardcore a beginners.

- Excellent music
- Great pixel art
- Unique genre blending
- Lots of features and promotes replay

- Those unfamiliar with rogue-like/lites could find this repetitive
- Custom music could use some tweaking

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Black Ice: Early Impressions

Black Ice video created on version: 0.4.002

Black Ice may look simple on first impression, but I assure you, the progression and character building system in this game is quite robust and very fulfilling. You can upgrade and customize almost every aspect of your character, including your attacks, traps, and even your jumps and dashes. Almost every aspect of the toon is upgradable. The game draws inspiration from others like Borderlands or Diablo, and the loot system reflects this. There is a giant plethora of items and abilities to collect and upgrade, with various rarity and random stats, and modifiers. It's arguable that Black Ice's robust random loot system is already on par with the game's inspirations, which is saying a lot considering that this is still in early access. I can not praise the progression system of this game enough. It is incredibly addictive.

The aesthetics of the game are striking, and very eye catching, with a pile of visual interest. With that said, it's not perfect and there are room for improvement. The architecture of the digital city is bland, with mostly rectangles with neon outlines. I understand that the game is trying to keep the visuals simple, but that doesn't mean that's an excuse for ignoring all the little details. Bridges, window frames, interesting shaped buildings, street lights, wires, signs, etc, all these sort of accents you would find in any cyber punk city would go a long way for Black Ice, if it wants to keep gamers in awe at it's visuals. The game is not ugly, but once you're past the visual impact of the game, it can get boring to stare at after a while.

As far as game play is concerned, the shooting itself is fairly par. This could also be said about Boarderlands, but like Boarderlands, it's really the progression system, and the loot grind that will keep players interested. It's certainly my main reason to keep playing. Once in combat, out side of a few random boss encounters, you'll run into mostly the same mobs over and over again. This is probably this game's weakest point at the moment. The game does lack a degree of enemy variety, and because of that, also combat variety, and hopefully this will be resolved in the future.

Overall Black Ice is a very strong foundation that features a very well fleshed out progression system, with tons of potential for custom character builds. The loot random generation is some of the best I've ever seen, and will more than likely be your main reason to keep playing. Though not perfect, Black Ice is a great game, that is already a lot of fun, even at it's early stages.

- Fantastic progression system
- Excellent random loot generation
- Addictive gameplay
- Eye catching visuals
- Great music

- Enemy variety is lacking
- Visuals could use some refining with better detailing
- Those sensitive to grinds need to be aware this is fairly grindy (in a good way imo)

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The Fifth Day: Early Impressions

The Fifth Day video created on version: 0.0.1

The Fifth day is another entry to the survival sandbox genre, but this time you're a robot. The game description state that it has craftable bases, hacking, AI, and other goodies, but after 3 hours of playing I saw none of that. After 3 hours I found 2 guns, a book, and some roboty things like power cells and... other kinds of power cells. I've read on the forums that there are some people who have built bases and done all the cool high end stuff this game claims to feature, but if I haven't seen a hint of any of that after 3 hours, I don't even want to fathom the dozens of hours it took those players to get to their point. Basically the game has serious pacing issues. The world though looks passable, is incredibly empty, with little to interact with.

The game does have some redeeming features. The visuals are passable, the concept of being a robot seems interesting, and I like the idea of all the features... too bad I didn't experience any of them.

Now I know this game is early access and because of that I may come back to this and revamp some of this written impression, but for the time being, The Fifth Day is, at it's best, a "wait and see".

- Passable graphic fidelity
- Interesting idea to feature robots as the playable characters
- The features sounds interesting (never experienced them though)

- Terrible pacing
- Extremely obviously unfinished and unpolished
- At the moment, feels generic
- 3 hours... I found a book

"Early Impression" are impressions on early access games available on Steam. We take into account that the game isn't complete, but since it's up for sale, we analyse the current build (as of the recording) from the consumer's perspective.

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Darkwood: Early Impressions

Darkwood: Early Impressions

Video created on version: Alpha 1.0

As an early access Darkwood is fairly solid. I didn't find any bugs or glitches, and the game never crashed. It does suffer from some optimization issues, mainly the long load time. As for the game it self, it's pretty enjoyable, if not, at least a unique experience.

Darkwood takes the survival horror genre and put it into a top down perspective, with an excellent aesthetic style. Visually the game is of a high caliber. The background and foreground elements are detailed and stylized, while still maintaining visual clarity so the player can easily decipher what items are interactable. The game's sound design is equally admirable. Your footsteps sound realistic and heavy, with the ground it treads on matching the steps you take. You'll hear random twig snaps, and kicks of pebbles. Crows in the distance, and animals in the shrubs, with a light but moody sound track to kick in the appropriate moments, and you have a game that's a real treat for the ears, as well as the eyes. The game's sinister atmosphere is further echoed by the use of light, both for visual interest as well as using light as a mechanics on it's own.

The game also features an interesting chapter by chapter story structure as well, with the current build being the prologue. With out giving too much away, let's say at the game's first turning point, a fairly major and unexpected reviel will instantly grab your curiosity.

Though the game is quite enjoyable even at this early stage, it's not with out it's faults. On the technical side. long load times can drive a person's patience, and the game's lack of features and options is also worth noting. Mechanically speaking once you start playing with the more sandboxy elements of the game, you could find yourself in long stretches wandering seemingly aimlessly, wondering where your next objective is, or if you're even going the "right" way. To be fair, this isn't so much a problem with Darkwood it self, but rather, a common issue with survival games in general.

Overall the game is a quality product already, and I can only see it getting better with time. I believe I can safely recommend Darkwood if you are interested in the idea of a top-down sandbox-ish survival horror.

- Great graphics
- Interesting plot
- A new take on survival horror
- Great sound design
- Good lighting

- Long load times
- Can get boring when searching for next objective
- Limited features and options

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Early Look: Deer God

Early Look: Deer God

Deer God is a gorgeous and unique open world survival game. It's one of the few, if not only 2D side scroller in the genre. The theme of the game it self is quite interesting and original on it own.

In the "Early Look" series, we showcase games that are either on Steam Greenlight or still in development and have not been released for sale. In this series, we focus on describing the game more than any thing else and we aren't overly critical of the game since it's still in early stages. How ever we will offer some feedback based on our experience.

This series is made possible through the generous submissions from developers to our channel, or early demos made available. If you'd like your in development game featured here feel free to contact us through twitter or email! All contact information listed in the "about" section of this channel.

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Official Website Deer God

Interstellar Marines: Impressions /w GamingFTL / FedoraG4mer

Interstellar Marines may come off as a generic tactical shooter upon first impressions, but once you start playing, you'll see that this game has a few interesting mechanics that helps separate this game from the plethora of other tactical FPSs on the market. The game features a very interesting, and realistic lighting system, where some times the map will put players into total darkness. This will force players to start using their flashlight which will of course give them away to enemy fire. Certainly an interesting take on a risk-reward system for a tactical FPS. The game also features mid-match dynamic level alterations. The game map will change, closing and opening new choke points and paths, mid match, in real time. This has a dynamic effect on the game field. Lastly the game features a ridiculous amounts of capture points in it's game mode. This came off as a negative, almost as a design flaw at first, but the more I played I saw what the designer had in mind. This tactical shooter encourages spiting up and covering ground, rather than the usual, 7 man in a choke point cluster F*** that the usual tactical shooter tend to lean towards.

The game's audio, and visual is impressive, and it's attention to detail as well as it's lighting is equally so.

The game is not with out it's faults though. In it's current stage of early access, there is no single player campaign, minimal tutorial, only one game mode, and only the default rifles hurt this game's variety. The game also has some net code issues as it has noticeable and undeniable bullet lag. Interstellar Marines also face the hurdle of developing a robust and active community, in the face of hundreds if not thousands of other tactical shooters, fighting for the same audience. Currently the game's community is active, but relatively small. Only 1-3 servers will any sort of population at any given time, or even less.

But overall, Interstellar Marines is a very enjoyable game that has a pile of potential! I think the game should change it's name as it's incredibly generic, and also promote it's unique light and dark play more to help interest more people.

- Unique Light / Dark mechanic
- Unique mid-game battlefield transformation mechanic
- Impressive visuals, especially the lighting
- Very enjoyable and playable, even as an early access

- Needs more variety
- Net code needs a lot of working out
- Needs to build a larger community

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Abyss Odyssey: Impressions

Abyss Odyssey: Impressions

Abyss Odyssey blends multiple genres to create some thing very unique. If I was to sum the game up I would call it "Super DarkSoulsVania 2 Turbo". It blends rpg, action platforming, and fighting game sensibilities. The fighting mechanics are deep with a lot of elements for the player to master. Abyss Odyssey is actually quite a challenging game that demands precision mastery of your attacks, as well as your platforming skills.

The game also features many unique mechanics that really helps separate this game from the heard. On death, you get a 2nd chance by having a normal, human solder to take your place. He's basically a nerfed version of other playable characters, but if you manage to reach an alter with him, you can resurrect your hero and continue your journey. If your solder dies, that's game over, the game state is reset to the beginning. You can also capture enemy souls and become them, allowing you to play as a huge number of creatures, all with their own move sets, all with their own combat style. This game is incredibly diverse. Lastly, one of the most interesting features that makes this game so unique is the ability to work with all your fellow source hunters who are playing this game to unlock new things in Abyss Odyssey. Every time some one kills the end boss while online, they contribute to the destruction of the stone mask in the game. Once the mask is destroyed, whole new elements of this game become unlocked. This is a brilliant idea that helps with replayability

Throw in some local and online multiplayer, add some classic Mucha inspired art nouveau, with a pinch of punishment, and we have one of the most unique, and gorgeous action platformer that has ever graced gaming culture.

9001% recommended.

- Gorgeous Mucha inspired art nouveau visual style
- Great sound track
- Incredibly deep mechanics
- Diverse rogue gallery of playable creatures
- Unique blend of rpg, action platforming, and fighting game sensibilities
- Challenging but fair
- Very replayable

- Large learning curb
- Can feel sluggish at first
- Some animation quirks
- Could pose frustrating for some

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Diesel Stormers: Group Impressions -FT: GamingFTL, JermEx, Swashbuckling Sir

Diesel Stormers: Group Impressions -FT: GamingFTL, JermEx, Swashbuckling Sir

Some friends and I take a look at Diesel Stormers! You'll see the game at it's best and at it's worst, as we discuss Diesel Stormer's many mechanics, and it's strengths and it's weaknesses. Oh, we also goof off and talk nonsensically about Dragon Ball Z as well, but that's besides the point.

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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Swashbuckling Sir

Test Play: DieselStormers - With JermEx-

Test Play: DieselStormers - With JermEx-

JermEx and I take a look at DieselStormers, from the developers of Giana Sisters, Black Forest Games.

This is a preliminary recording in preparation for a larger let's play that I decided on releasing. Expect a more robust Let's play of this game coming very soon with more friends! and some people you may know as well.

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Infinity Runner: Impressions

Infinity Runner: Impressions

Infinity Runner could easily be passed off as a "Temple Run" clone, but once you dive into it, you'll start to see that the game has a lot more to offer. In the video we talk about the mechanics and some interesting bits that surprised me during my play of Infinity Runner.

I mentioned in the video that I thought the online supported only 2-4 players, when in fact it supports upto 32 players! I'll be releasing a follow up video to this game covering it's online function.

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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Kairo: Quick Look

Kairo: Quick Look

Kairo is a crazy first person puzzle platformer, with an unique and wonderfully crafted atmosphere. Oh yeah, I'm also totally pronouncing the name wrong in the video :P It's actually "Cairo", like the capital of Egypt.

"Quick Look" is our short showcase series of various games. Usually it'll feature a smaller indie game, though it can vary from video to video.

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4PM: Impressions

4PM: Impressions

Neotokyo has finally hit Steam officially. We take a look at an old favorite of mine, and talk about this fusion tactical shooter!

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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Action Henk: Early Impressions

Action Henk: Early Impressions

We take an early look into "Action Henk", and indie speed running game.

"Early Impression" are impressions on early access games available on Steam. We take into account that the game isn't complete, but since it's up for sale, we analyse the current build (as of the recording) from the consumer's perspective.

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Super Lemonade Factory: Impressions

Super Lemonade Factory: Impressions

Super Lemonade Factory is retro style platform puzzler that has an interesting premise of playing 2 characters.

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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Neotokyo: Impressions

Neotokyo: Impressions

Neotokyo has finally hit Steam officially. We take a look at an old favorite of mine, and talk about this fusion tactical shooter!

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you guys know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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I mentioned there were server issues in the video. By the time of release the developers have fixed this issue, and no longer persist :)