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JermEx Machina

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Wasteland 2: My thoughts and impressions

Hey every one.
I got wasteland 2 and is enjoying it so far. I made an impressions video for the game going into the mechanics, and it's value for dollars. I give some suggestions to help improve the game, and did my best to remain fair, but critical.)

Fallout Series on sale at

The folks over at have the first 3 Fallout games in the series (1, 2 and tactics) on sale for free for the next 24 hours! If you have never played these classics I'd suggest picking them up now! Did I forget to mention they are FREE.

STARBOUND: Impressions + bonus band practice!

Hey every one.
I'm really really enjoying the game! After 2 days i got over 35 hours pumpmed into it, after 3 days over 45+ hours!

I did a detailed impressions video on the game where we go into the game's mechanics, it's features, and what every thing starbound is about.

At the end of the video we also feature a bonus clip of our server playing in a band using the instrument "band" mechanic.

I would of released this video earlier, but Starbound distracted me :P

Check it out and let me know what you think. I always welcome feedback!

Below Kryll: Showcasing Levels I've created in game.

Hey every one, Below Kryll just got released on Steam Greenlight not long ago. To help support a super amazing game, I decided to do another video on Below Kryll.

If you're not fimiliar with Below Kryll, it's a online platformer where players create their own levels which then gets added to the world. All levels link together into one cohesive game, where every one is the designer. Essentially it's crowd sourced game design! I assure you, it is as amazing as it sounds!

 In this video I go through 2 levels I created myself in full detail. Yes, it's kind of a show off piece, but you know... narcissism :D

Greenlight BELOW KRYLL on Steam!! Do it... RIGHT NOW!
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