100% Spoiler free Stanley Parable review! Also, greetings from Aldershot!

Hey there folks, long time creeper, second time poster! (I made 1 post a long time ago about Skyrim). Aldershot here, and I've joined your ranks of awesome people of awesome. AWESOME! I'll be posting original videos and art when ever I can, and maybe a few write ups as well, that's if you can bare through mi trrabad inglesh. The video I posted above is a 100% spoiler free Stanley Parable review. The thing about The Stanley Parable is, there are so many secrets, Easter eggs, and play variations, it's nearly impossible to review the game with out spoiling some thing major. All reviews so far, even written ones, features HUGE spoilers that will have a heavy impact on how you'll enjoy and perceive the game on your first play through. I've managed to come up with a way to review the game with out spoiling even the smallest ounce of the amazing shock and awe this game presents. If you have the time, feel free to take a look!

Download the demo and get the game here!


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