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Papers Please, a video Impression!

Hey every one, I made an impressions video on Paper Please. I enjoyed the crap out of the game and gave my honest thoughts about it, as well as going over it's mechanics, graphic style, and story as well. If any one is  wondering whither they should make the purchase, or just curious about the game, perhaps this video could prove useful to you.

Dive Kick. a video impression

Hey guys, I did a video on Dive Kick.
Dive kick is an indie fighter that breaks down the fighting genre to just 2 keys, diving, and kicking lol. In the video we'll take a critical but fair look over the mechanics, it's gimmicks, it's flaws and successes. 

Hope you guys enjoy it, i welcome feed back 

Impressions: Nether

Hey guys, we got an early access to the closed beta to Nether, the latest entry to the ever growing genre of survival horror sandbox. We go through the goods and bads and recommend if you should invest into this game or not.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 derpy first impression video

Today I play some Surgeon Similator 2013. It's one of the oddest games I've ever played. Check it out, and watch me derp.

Jumping on the Kryll Bandwagon

Hey guys, after Jerm talked so much about this game i decided to check it out myself. Worst mistake ever.... Now i'm hooked and totally addicted >.<

My fifth adventure Below Kryll!

Hiya folks! Check out my latest adventure Below Kryll ^_^

Let me know what you think! Did you like it? would you like to see more?

Warframe Beginner's guide part 3

Aldershot back with yet another video! This is part 3 of my "Warframe Beginner's guide" and we'll be talking about the controls. Warframe is a free to play action RPG, 3rd person shooter, space ninja, sdfhgsdksdhgdfzsgahgjfdesga,bvfdk,vbzdb,kxzdbffdkb every thing game. So if you're into that check it out. If you don't know what Warframe is, PERFECT! these guides im producing will help you get educated on the matter in a hurry. So check it out, let me know what you think, and hopefully I'll see you in game! Warframe

First Impressions: Mercenary Kings

Hey guys, this is my first impressions of "Mercenary Kings". A indie game released on steam this year. It's still in early access but the game feels very complete. Some of the best sound and visuals in a 2D sprite game I've played this year. Looks kind of like "Metal Slugs", but plays a whole lot like Megaman. Check it out!

Get the game on steam! 

Enslaved Quick Cut. An editing trial and perhaps a new series? o.O

Hey guys, Aldershot again. I spent 2 days learning as much and as quickly as I possibly could about video editing. This is the end result. Think of it as sort of a beta format that all other videos I'll be producing in the future. This is enslaved, recently released for steam, and a bit of an underground gem that the media forgot about. A fantastic game!

Click here for the steam store page!

100% Spoiler free Stanley Parable review! Also, greetings from Aldershot!

Hey there folks, long time creeper, second time poster! (I made 1 post a long time ago about Skyrim). Aldershot here, and I've joined your ranks of awesome people of awesome. AWESOME! I'll be posting original videos and art when ever I can, and maybe a few write ups as well, that's if you can bare through mi trrabad inglesh. The video I posted above is a 100% spoiler free Stanley Parable review. The thing about The Stanley Parable is, there are so many secrets, Easter eggs, and play variations, it's nearly impossible to review the game with out spoiling some thing major. All reviews so far, even written ones, features HUGE spoilers that will have a heavy impact on how you'll enjoy and perceive the game on your first play through. I've managed to come up with a way to review the game with out spoiling even the smallest ounce of the amazing shock and awe this game presents. If you have the time, feel free to take a look!

Download the demo and get the game here!