JermEx is back and he is still playing Below Kryll ^_^.

Howdy folks, I'm JermEx. I've rejoin the roster of writers here at NLgamer. A game called "Below Kryll" has recently captured the entirety of my attention. It's a 2d sandbox adventure game that is fuelled by player created content. You play as a ninja named Mitsu. Your quest is to expand your ninja arsenal and save/condemn the citizens of Kryll.

The game has recently undergone some significant additions! Races, music notes, ambient music-box, and more. I cover most of them in this video.
BUT! I forgot to mention the extremely rad snapshot feature >_<. It's awesome if you are a pixel art nut (like me). Check out some snapshots after the jump.
These are some images taken with the snapshot feature. It saves the entire level as a single image.
*Link and Navi were created by a good friend of mine, PreppyK*


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