Campaign to Help a Friend of NLGamer, A Must Read

Dear Friends;
                My name is Christopher Higdon and I am writing to you today in regards to something that I feel most important and something not often discussed. What you don’t know about me is that I am a Step-father, a Fiancé and believe it or not I am a Trans Identified Male.  I have decided to take my transition to the next step and I am finally taking the steps to become the man I have always dreamt of becoming. A man that my Daughter can be proud to call “her daddy” and my Fiancé call “her Husband”.

                I dream of a day that I could wake and be proud of who I am, a day when I could look in a mirror and appreciate what I see. Many people I know can relate to this feeling of inadequacies but how many of you can look in a mirror and see a different gender, a completely different person then who feel you are.  I know this is incomprehensible to many people as they don’t understand how one can be of a different gender then assigned at birth.

This is why many of us hide who we are, we become burdened with a hatred for our own existence and many of us commit suicide. Some of us have learned how to cope with our feelings and were diagnosed with the medical condition called gender dysphoria. We are able to then receive hormone replacement therapy and have learned ways to present ourselves as the person we feel until such time as we have our gender reassignment surgery.

 One of the ways we are able to present ourselves as whom we feel inside is to bind our chest. In doing this we bind our breast tissue tight against our bodies until we achieve a more male look. For some that is much easier than others.  For some, like me, this is extremely difficult as we have larger chests. The result from binding can cause painful medical issues like: constricting your lungs and labored breathing, breast lumps, and even blisters and scars. These are physically painful and yet the emotional pain from being perceived as the wrong gender than how I feel is a much deeper pain and so I choose to continue to bind night and day.

These are just some of the reasons my chest reconstruction is a necessary life altering surgery and I am asking for all your help to raise the approximately 14,000.00 Canadian dollars necessary to complete my transition.  To raise the funds I have opened an Indiegogo campaign called “Chris’ Campaign” This Campaign goes live to accept funds on October 31st, 2013 a date that is important to me as it is my 6 year birthday as Christopher and 5 years on hormones.  You can preview the campaign on, and once live if you feel inclined you can contribute here

I am also accepting recyclables at Evergreen locations under account number 709-682-1312. I have perks based on contribution and ask that if you cannot donate that you please share this letter so that my story can reach all sides of the globe. Thank you for your continued support and acceptance.

Christopher Higdon

“I wish people would realize that anything’s possible if you try, dreams are made possible when people try.” Terry Fox         


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