How do you catalog your Games?

I do consider myself a collector of retro games, although I may not have near as many as most of you I still have a collection I am proud of.  As of lately I have been going through my games and trying to find a way to catalog them because I have found many games missing, presumably lent to a friend and forgotten about by all.  This has left the question as to if I pay for something, find something free, or just use the old school excel spreadsheet.  Well I am much too cheep to wast good game money on software or web service to keep track of my growing collection and the idea of using a spreadsheet seemed just crazy, although as I write this I do think of the advantages of having it in a Google doc.

During my search I came across a great free tool Sisimizi Game Catalog which I started using immediately.

Sisimizi Game Catalog is a free, non-commercial database software to catalog and manage a personal video games collection. It supports games from all classic to the most recent video game consoles and computer systems. The program is based on Ant Movie Catalog and open source software under GPL. 

Program features:
  • powerful scripting system to retrieve game information from the internet
  • can be installed to and run from removable media like usb sticks or hdd
  • printing system with report designer and user customizable templates
  • import from various other formats and databases
  • full or partial export of catalogs to various other file formats
  • full or partial export of catalogs to HTML for websites
  • supports *.jpg and *.png file formats for covers
  • group games by platform, genre, year and lots more
  • 3 user customizable fields for additional informations
  • loan management
  • statistics with bar and pie charts
  • translated into 9 languages yet:
Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Sisimizi Game Catalog is compatible with most Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.
This is a great way to keep track and as you can see the features are amazing I am particularly pleased with the fact that you can export to HTML so no I can have a full game list on my personal blog :) so I suggest you check it out on their site.

Here is a sample of my HTML page:

Also going back to the title what do you use to catalog your game collection?


  1. I know this prob doesn't help much, but STEAM!!
    Steam does all my organization.

    As far as RL collection goes. it sits on a shelf untouched for years. I also refuse to lend out old school games.

  2. Ya I also refuse now but only because I have lost so much. I also use
    steam for my PC games but I guess I should have specified RL games :P