Today I wanted to give a little intro for my most popular YouTube friend MichaelB.  I met Mike through another Mike several years ago and we hung out a fair bit and shared a lot of laughs over some time.  Due to our personal lives changing and all parties giving in to "responsibilities" of "adulthood" we really drifted apart but I still consider him a great friend and I hope that feeling is mutual.  Now given that little background you would think that through our conversations over the years one of us would at some point say "oh by the way dude I am actually a huge nerd!" but neither of us did.  It was actually just earlier this year that I was browsing YouTube for one of my favorite hobbies (retro gaming) and happened across a YouTube channel with a familiar face MichaelBtheGameGenie when I found it I immediately logged into my Facebook and messaged Mr B inquiring about the newly found common ground.

So Mr. B has a lot of great stuff on his channel, right now he has a few different shows including Game Genie Reviews, Video Game Nostalgia, Game Pickups from the New Adventure Island, MichaelB's Top 10 Lists, and NES Complete Collection Chronicles & Game Genie POV and I have to say after sitting and watching majority of his stuff in one sitting i can certainly see why he has over 1600 Subs.  With all that said I think you all should go check him out MichaelBtheGameGenie and subscribe if you haven't already done so.

I leave you  the latest Game Genie Review Batman Returns for the SNES


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