Introducing Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs

Hey everyone, recently I was speaking to someone from Eutechnyx Limited which you may know for their various racing titles like Auto Club Revolution, Ferrari Challenge, and various Nascar titles.  They have developed a new game for iOS which I downloaded and played some of just last night.
The game is called Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs and as silly as it may sound, it is actually a pretty fun game.  For those of you who like Plants Vs Zombies and other tower defense games it does have a similar feel in that there are several lanes and you have to stop your opponent from making it through your barricade.  There is also a story line and what I found cool was the skill tree so you can customize your strategy.

I highly suggest you all check it out and leave feedback for the developers, they are very interested to see what the market thinks, and remember constructive criticism is a great way to facilitate improvement for the next game. Also letting them know how awesome you think it is will also help them to keep doing a great job.  When leaving feedback it is suggested you use the appstore feedback or the Forums.
Here is a little more info from Eutechnyx themselves

Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs combines the addictiveness of a tower defense game with the tactical variety of a role-playing strategy game, for a fun and unique gaming experience.

Key Features:

- 60 levels on an interactive map
- Build/Defend/Attack gameplay
- Full strategic control
- Unique ability branches
- Magic, Might, Martial
- 35 skills to earn and 5 artefact skills to find
- Multiple unit types alongside towers, traps, magic and interactive martial abilities
- Levelling and XP system leading to feature unlocks
- Free to play!

For more information, check out:
Twitter - @TeamNinjaCat & @TeamSamuraiDog


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