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Introducing Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs

Hey everyone, recently I was speaking to someone from Eutechnyx Limited which you may know for their various racing titles like Auto Club Revolution, Ferrari Challenge, and various Nascar titles.  They have developed a new game for iOS which I downloaded and played some of just last night.
The game is called Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs and as silly as it may sound, it is actually a pretty fun game.  For those of you who like Plants Vs Zombies and other tower defense games it does have a similar feel in that there are several lanes and you have to stop your opponent from making it through your barricade.  There is also a story line and what I found cool was the skill tree so you can customize your strategy.

I highly suggest you all check it out and leave feedback for the developers, they are very interested to see what the market thinks, and remember constructive criticism is a great way to facilitate improvement for the next game. Also letting them know how awesome you think it is will also help them to keep doing a great job.  When leaving feedback it is suggested you use the appstore feedback or the Forums.


Today I wanted to give a little intro for my most popular YouTube friend MichaelB.  I met Mike through another Mike several years ago and we hung out a fair bit and shared a lot of laughs over some time.  Due to our personal lives changing and all parties giving in to "responsibilities" of "adulthood" we really drifted apart but I still consider him a great friend and I hope that feeling is mutual.  Now given that little background you would think that through our conversations over the years one of us would at some point say "oh by the way dude I am actually a huge nerd!" but neither of us did.  It was actually just earlier this year that I was browsing YouTube for one of my favorite hobbies (retro gaming) and happened across a YouTube channel with a familiar face MichaelBtheGameGenie when I found it I immediately logged into my Facebook and messaged Mr B inquiring about the newly found common ground.

So Mr. B has a lot of great stuff on his channel, right now he has a few different shows including Game Genie Reviews, Video Game Nostalgia, Game Pickups from the New Adventure Island, MichaelB's Top 10 Lists, and NES Complete Collection Chronicles & Game Genie POV and I have to say after sitting and watching majority of his stuff in one sitting i can certainly see why he has over 1600 Subs.  With all that said I think you all should go check him out MichaelBtheGameGenie and subscribe if you haven't already done so.

I leave you  the latest Game Genie Review Batman Returns for the SNES

New Looking For Group Google Group

Hey Everyone NLGamer has created a new Google group for people to use as a LFG or Looking For Group for any game you may have interest in playing.  It is intended to allow individuals to find groups as well as groups find members. 

This group can be seen and joined by going to NLLFG or by going to the page on our site at so drop on by and see if you can find others playing the same games as you.

You may just find that group or member you have been looking for!

Adventuring Below Kryll with JermEx Machina

Most of you will know our good friend JermEx Machina, he has been a big part of this blog and is one of the biggest reasons we even exist. JermEx just started his own Youtube channel in which he has begun to adventure the game Below Kryll which is an Indie platform puzzler currently in a Limited alpha and features a world map completely generated by the users.

After watching JermEx's first video I immediatly went to the and joined so I could be part of this really cool game.  The video's are very entertaining, as well as very informative for those thinking of playing.

So in short go check out JermEx Machina on His YouTube
and check out Below Kryll before the beta fills up.

Fluxx: The card game with ever changing rules!

This review is on five variations of Fluxx (Zombie Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, Oz Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, and Star Fluxx), which all start with the same basics. Fluxx differs from most card games because the rules and conditions for winning are altered throughout the game via cards played. The variations add additional elements or change up the Keeper or Creeper cards, as outlined below.

The game starts out with just two basic rules, presented on a card placed in the play area at the start of the game: each player draws one card and plays one card during his or her turn.

In addition to this Basic Rules card, there are five types of cards in the core game: New Rule, Action, Keeper, Creeper, and Goal cards:
• New Rule cards change the rules or add other rules.
• Action cards allow the player to perform one-time actions, such as stealing cards or eliminating rules.
• Keeper cards are used to