What to do at Cheat for Charity if you Aren't Playing in a Tournament

The main focus of Cheat for Charity is of course the cheat mechanics that will be used in our tournaments. But what if you aren't planning to play in a tournament? How can you use your cheat tickets? Here are a few options.

Play it Straight

Obviously, the simplest thing to do is just play some games and ignore the cheat tickets. No problem with that!

Buy Some Time

A number of video game consoles will be set up by Goodwill Gaming. One ticket will buy 15 minutes of play on one of these consoles.

Good Karma

Many games incorporate some type of
Luck/Fate mechanics using points or tokens. It's pretty simple to say that cheat tokens can be used in the same way. This is probably the easiest way to use cheat tokens since it uses rules already outlined in the rulebook. Cheat tickets may also stand in for other types of points/tokens in a game.

Expand Your Horizons

Another option easy method is to allow players use of components from expansions at the cost of spending a cheat ticket. For example, the game Chaos in the Old World has various upgrade cards that can be chosen from throughout the game, while The Horned Rat Expansion offered a new set of upgrades. In this case, spending a cheat token might allow a player to use one of the upgrades from the expansion. I think I may actually give this idea a try if I can find three other players!

The Dvorak Method

Dvorak is a card game system where players create a deck of cards, and players may also add or remove cards as they play. Using a similar system, cheat rules could be created at the start of a game. As play continues a player may suggest a new cheat to be added, if no other players object the cheat rule is added to the game. A cheat rule also be removed from the game if no other player objects.

Power Up

Cheat tokens uses don't need to framed as "cheating" per se, but could represent special abilities that are fuelled by cheat tickets. For example, Talisman characters might each be given a special Uber-Ability that can only be activated through the use of cheat tickets. This obviously requires planning things out before the event, but also gives people the chance to show off their creativity.

What to do With Used Tickets?

For our tournaments, cheat tickets will be collected and can't be reused. This is due to the competitive nature of the tournaments, and the prevent cheating (at least of the unauthorized variety ;P). But if you are just playing for fun you can just keep them and use them in various games throughout the day.

Future Possibilities

We're already thinking about we might do in the future to allow gamers to make use of their cheat tickets without having to enter tournaments. Here are two options:

1) We'll be consulting the lottery commission to work out a way for cheat tickets to be put toward various raffles. We would have liked to be able to do this for this event, but there are some complexities that need to be worked out.

2) For future events we may allow individuals/groups to register to run one-shot games incorporating cheats throughout the day. Winners of these games (Or possibly MVP for non-competitive games) would win extra raffle tickets.


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