Heroes of the Blitzkrieg by Lock 'N Load Publishing

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg aims to emulate WWII blitzkrieg scenarios; players can take on the role of the German, French, or Belgian armies. The game's interactive impulse system keeps both players neck-deep in the action.

The game includes six geomorphic maps scaled at 50 meters per hex, approximately 510 counters, 16 skill cards, complete Lock 'N Load rules and module rules, 16 scenarios, player-aid charts and dice.

This game is on par with what you would expect from Lock 'N Load Publishing. The boards are beautiful. The maps are all hex-based and have gorgeous artwork. The counters are clear, detailed, well-cut and sturdy. The most impressive aspect is the artwork and quality of the scenario cards, which are kept separate from the rulebooks to ensure easy reference. The only drawback is the inclusion of overlays -- a necessary evil to keep map boards varied.
The Lock 'N Load rules system is based on squad-level tactical gaming. The rules are fast and the interactive/competitive dice rolling helps keep both players involved regardless of whose impulse it is. Most of the rules are vague and complex, especially for new players; the rules do, however, allow a player to try different scenarios to learn different rule aspects before tackling larger scenarios. Also, the mechanics effectively replicate challenges of firefights, but are abstract enough to actually allow players to fight a battle in near-real time once the game mechanics are understood.

The variable special rules, reinforcement arrivals and surprise events help provide some "fog of war" to the solo player, making the game as much fun playing alone as with others.

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, in my opinion, earns 7/10.


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