Cheat for Charity: Success

I would like to thank everyone for coming out for Cheat for Charity. Hope you enjoyed it and had a wonderful time. We collected $300 in cash and I estimate at least $450 in food donations!

Thank you to the stores that donated prizes: Outcast Gaming, Midgard Gaming, Timemasters, Nether World, Downtown Comics, Happy Hummus Hut, Formosa Tea House, and J Korean. Also thanks to Scott Bartlett and Matthew Ledrew for their donations.

Finally, thank you to Chris Lansdell and Matthew Rose (of St. John's TableTop Community) for stepping up and running the Magic and Warhammer 40K tournaments respectively. And a special thanks to everyone at Goodwill Gaming for running FOUR tournaments at the event! And of course all of the staff at NLGamer, as well as Cheat for Charity committee members Peter Deal and Conrad Abbott, and volunteers Daniel Power and Chris Higdon.

Hopefully we will do this again in the near future and have double the amount of food and money donations. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed their day. Again, thanks on behalf of NLGamer.

Tournament Winners:

Warhammer 40K 
1st: Patrick Warren
2nd: Matt Rose
3rd: Martin Sharpe

Magic: the Gathering
1st: Chris Lansdell
2nd: Steve Jeffers
3rd: Chris Stoyles

Goodwill Gaming
Diddy Kong Racing: John Michael Bennett
Super Mario 64 Speed Run: Clay Burton
Pokemon Stadium: Kenneth DeWolfe
Goldeneye 007: Matthew Daniels


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