Cheat for Charity - Gaming for a Cause

On the 22nd of June, 2013, the tabletop and video gaming communities of St. John's will partner together in support of the Community Food Sharing Association for a fund-raising event called Cheat for Charity. Cheat for Charity is to take place in the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium, 1 Prince Phillip Drive, from 12:00pm-9:00pm, and is open to gamers of all types, whether you're a seasoned Magic fan, or just someone looking to have a good time and donate to a worthwhile cause. The event aims to bring the community together in a celebration of gaming, fun, and human generosity. The event is a coordinated effort by NL Gamer, Goodwill Gaming, and St. John's TableTop Community.

The charity mechanism of Cheat for Charity involves donating non-perishable food items and money for 'cheats' during the games held at the event. For tournaments and organized games, these cheats will have been pre-decided and pretested by our volunteers, and will range in price depending on the strength of the cheat. Guests are free to come up with cheats of their own to play during casual games. Along with tournaments in Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye 64, and Pokemon Stadium, guests are welcome to bring their own games, or play single-run games from those donated by our volunteers and sponsors. Timemasters and Midgard Gaming have donated prizes for the Warhammer 40K and Magic: The Gathering tournaments respectively. In addition, various door prizes donated by Nether World Collectibles, Outcast Gaming, Downtown Comics, J Korean Restaurant, Formosa Tea House, and the Happy Hummus Hut will be raffled off during the event.

The number of tickets received will depend on the food item, or amount of money donated:
One Ticket: Canned Food, $2
Two Tickets: Crackers, Cookies, Muffins, Tea, Instant Coffee, Dried Pasta, Kraft Dinner, Cake Pastries, Peanut Butter, Granola Bars, Juice 1L
Three Tickets: Coffee Grounds, Large box of Rice, Cereal, Baby Formula
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Update: Read more about the Warhammer 40K Tournament and Register here.
Update: Check out these great prizes from Downtown Comics, Timemasters, and Nether World.
Update: More great prizes from Outcast Gaming and Midgard Gaming
Update: Cheat for Charity -- Success!


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