Check out Aldershot on his YouTube Channel.

The Luckiest T-Shirt

Check out our own Dan Morton and his Magic: the Gathering Podcast.

JermEx Machina

Drop by and see Jermex on his YouTube Channel.


Go See MichaelBtheGameGenie on YouTube.

Cheat for Charity: Success

I would like to thank everyone for coming out for Cheat for Charity. Hope you enjoyed it and had a wonderful time. We collected $300 in cash and I estimate at least $450 in food donations!

Thank you to the stores that donated prizes: Outcast Gaming, Midgard Gaming, Timemasters, Nether World, Downtown Comics, Happy Hummus Hut, Formosa Tea House, and J Korean. Also thanks to Scott Bartlett and Matthew Ledrew for their donations.

Finally, thank you to Chris Lansdell and Matthew Rose (of St. John's TableTop Community) for stepping up and running the Magic and Warhammer 40K tournaments respectively. And a special thanks to everyone at Goodwill Gaming for running FOUR tournaments at the event! And of course all of the staff at NLGamer, as well as Cheat for Charity committee members Peter Deal and Conrad Abbott, and volunteers Daniel Power and Chris Higdon.

Hopefully we will do this again in the near future and have double the amount of food and money donations. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed their day. Again, thanks on behalf of NLGamer.

Tournament Winners:

Warhammer 40K 
1st: Patrick Warren
2nd: Matt Rose
3rd: Martin Sharpe

Magic: the Gathering
1st: Chris Lansdell
2nd: Steve Jeffers
3rd: Chris Stoyles

Goodwill Gaming
Diddy Kong Racing: John Michael Bennett
Super Mario 64 Speed Run: Clay Burton
Pokemon Stadium: Kenneth DeWolfe
Goldeneye 007: Matthew Daniels

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg by Lock 'N Load Publishing

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg aims to emulate WWII blitzkrieg scenarios; players can take on the role of the German, French, or Belgian armies. The game's interactive impulse system keeps both players neck-deep in the action.

The game includes six geomorphic maps scaled at 50 meters per hex, approximately 510 counters, 16 skill cards, complete Lock 'N Load rules and module rules, 16 scenarios, player-aid charts and dice.

This game is on par with what you would expect from Lock 'N Load Publishing. The boards are beautiful. The maps are all hex-based and have gorgeous artwork. The counters are clear, detailed, well-cut and sturdy. The most impressive aspect is the artwork and quality of the scenario cards, which are kept separate from the rulebooks to ensure easy reference. The only drawback is the inclusion of overlays -- a necessary evil to keep map boards varied.
The Lock 'N Load rules system is based on squad-level tactical gaming. The rules are fast and the interactive/competitive dice rolling helps keep both players involved regardless of whose impulse it is. Most of the rules are vague and complex, especially for new players; the rules do, however, allow a player to try different scenarios to learn different rule aspects before tackling larger scenarios. Also, the mechanics effectively replicate challenges of firefights, but are abstract enough to actually allow players to fight a battle in near-real time once the game mechanics are understood.

The variable special rules, reinforcement arrivals and surprise events help provide some "fog of war" to the solo player, making the game as much fun playing alone as with others.

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, in my opinion, earns 7/10.

What to do at Cheat for Charity if you Aren't Playing in a Tournament

The main focus of Cheat for Charity is of course the cheat mechanics that will be used in our tournaments. But what if you aren't planning to play in a tournament? How can you use your cheat tickets? Here are a few options.

Play it Straight

Obviously, the simplest thing to do is just play some games and ignore the cheat tickets. No problem with that!

Buy Some Time

A number of video game consoles will be set up by Goodwill Gaming. One ticket will buy 15 minutes of play on one of these consoles.

Good Karma

Many games incorporate some type of

Cheat for Charity Prize - Royal Flush By Scott Bartlett

Royal Flush is a quirky little novel that has been donated to us by a friend of NLgamer, Scott Bartlett. I'm in the process of reading it myself, and can say that it's good for a chuckle, and that I look forward to reading more. But you don't have to take my endorsement alone as evidence of the books quality, as Scott has been awarded the H. R. (Bill) Percy Prize for his novel. Royal Flush will be raffled off as a door prize at our event. Thanks Scott!

You can read more about, and buy the book over at Scott's website.

Cheat for Charity - Magic: The Gathering Prizes From Midgard Gaming and Outcast Gaming

I'd like to thank Outcast Gaming and Midgard Gaming for donating a number of Magic: The Gathering packs to support Cheat for Charity. For anyone who plays Magic, it will be well worth your while to drop by the event and get a chance to win some of these. Even if you are just a beginner, the intro packs can be a great way to get into the game! The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the intro packs is about $15, while the price for the the event deck is about $25.

Update (June 20, 2013, 2:00 pm): Whoever places first in the Magic tournament will pick three of these packs, then whoever places second will pick two packs from those remaining, and then whoever places third will pick one pack from those remaining. The three left over will be randomly drawn for as door prizes at the end of the night.

Update (June 20, 2013, 6:00 pm): The format for the Magic tournament will be half Modern, half Standard. Don't have a Standard or Modern deck? NO PROBLEM! You can buy proxies! One ticket gets you the first four proxies, with each two proxies beyond the first four costing an additional ticket.

Update (June 21, 2013, 1:00 pm): The tournament will start at 2 pm. You can proxy any card in the format. Please make and bring along your own proxies! For more details on how cheat tickets will be distributed check the bottom of this post.

Tank on Tank - Lock 'N Load Publishing

Tank on Tank , created by Lock 'N Load Publishing, is a small board game consisting of 40 playing counters, 2 8.5" x 11" game maps, a players' aid card, rule and scenario booklet, and dice.
Tank on Tank depicts tactical ground combat in Europe in the latter years of World War II. It's not to scale, as it's suggested to be focused on tactics. The American units involved are Shermans, Wolverines, Priests, infantry and the anti-tank guns that fight alongside them. The German  tanks consist of Panzer IVs, Tigers, WESPEs, and the infantry and their anti-tank guns.

The back of the box claims Tank on Tank is a "smaller game that can be learned in less then five minutes and played during a lunch break."  I found that can be true for those who have been into tactical games for a while; however, those who haven't will find this game to be a little more difficult. The terms used in the rule and scenario booklet will be familiar to those who already have the knowledge of tactical war games; Wikipedia helped me out in this regard.

The gameplay itself can be completed in as little as 15 minutes depending on your level of tactical knowledge; for newer players, it could take upwards of 45 minutes. The game can be played solitary or against a friend. Playing solo does, of course, take away the aspect of having the opponent as an umpire -- which is beneficial, as your foe draws an action point value and doesn't reveal it until you have expended that many points, creating a clever fog-of-war system. The game does have its luck-based elements, such as rolling the dice for shots fired, but really, even in war they aren't all hits (and it was mostly luck).

I found this game to be a little over priced for the details on the components. The maps are printed on a high-gloss thick paper and are quite flimsy; this does, however, make it easy to transport if you are using this as a quick go-to for lunch breaks at the office. The counters were of excellent sturdiness but, much like the game maps, lacking in artwork.

If you like a quick tactical game, this one is a good go-to. Really, what other game do you own that you can set up in 5 minutes and play in 15? If you are looking for a scale game with factors like weather, morale, smoke, detailed terrain etc., you may want to look elsewhere, as you would be highly disappointed -- and what did you expect? I did tell you it was based on tactics!  

See more reviews by Dads Just know here.

Cheat for Charity Prizes from Nether World Collectibles!

We've posted a few prizes that will be available to win at Cheat for Charity. We'd now like to thanks Nether World Collectibles for donating the prizes below. Their generosity is greatly appreciated, and both of these games look like a lot of fun. Kind of jealous I won't be able to win Zombiegeddon! Remember, you get a chance to win these just by attending the event. Just come along and donate what you can.
Retail Price: 25.00
Players try to bring the city-states of ancient Sumer to the fore. Each turn, players boost the importance of one of the city-states by flooding it with their traders, boosting its power. Each time a city-state gains power, one will lose power; the aim is to gain control of the pre-eminent city-states during the scoring rounds at the end of each dynasty. Players have to time their movements, as a city-state can quickly lose favour. (Taken from

Suggested Retail Price: 25.00
Well, it was nice while it lasted! You have gotten word that the end is near, and Armageddon is right around the corner -- actually, it begins tonight! Since it may be a while before you can get to the store, today would be a good time to gather as many supplies as possible. After all, tomorrow might be the beginning of a long, cold, (nuclear) winter!

Reiner Knizia’s Zombiegeddon is a fast-paced, perfect-information strategy game. Each player spends the first half of the game rushing around the board collecting supplies and trying to stop your pesky neighbors from taking stuff that is rightfully yours -- at least as far as you are concerned! (Taken from

Cheat for Charity Prizes From Timemasters!

Thank you to Timemasters for graciously donating these great prizes for the Cheat for Charity Warhammer 40K tournament, being run by Matt Rose of St. John's TableTop Community. If you attend St. John's TableTop Community's Warhammer 40K Kill Team league, or would like to give the format a try, these sets are an excellent choice. Each can be used to build a Kill Team, and offers many options for customization. The player that ranks first place will get first choice between the two sets, while the player that ranks in second place will get the remaining set.

Grey Knights - Retail Price: $39.50
The Grey Knights are the most mysterious of all the Imperium's many organisations. The most advanced psychosurgery and bioengineering is used to condition them into the mightiest warriors in the galaxy, immune to fear and sights that would destroy the sanity of lesser mortals. The Grey Knights are the unflinching hammer with which the Ordo Malleus smites the forces of Chaos.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 118 components, which you can assemble as a Grey Knight Strike Squad, a Grey Knight Interceptor Squad, a Grey Knight Purifier Squad or a Grey Knight Purgation Squad. There are enough parts to make five Grey Knights with Nemesis force swords and the option to build one of them as a Justicar. There are also unit upgrades including Nemesis falchions, Nemesis force halberds, a Nemesis Daemon hammer, a Nemesis warding stave, two psycannons, a psilencer and an incinerator. This set includes five Grey Knights and five 25mm round closed bases. (Taken from

Space Marines Tactical Squad - Retail Price: $44.75

Tactical squads are the most numerous in a chapter and form the backbone of a fighting force. As their name suggests, they are highly flexible having the tactical adaptability to deal with virtually any foe. Armed primarily with the holy bolter, some squad members carry more specialised weapons such as the plasma or meltagun.

This box set contains 10 multi-part plastic Space Marines, and includes a host of additional parts enabling you to make a Sergeant with a variety of weapon and wargear options, make a special weapon trooper with a choice of special weapon, and add extra details to the rest of your squad. Models supplied with 25mm round bases. (Taken from

Help Milo the Dog Beat Cancer!

Just saw this post on St. John's Tabletop Community's Facebook page and wanted to share it with you all.

"Hello ladies and gents,

A member of the St. John's gaming community has recently had some bad news. Jeff Locke's dog Milo has been Diagnosed with cancer. Milo urgently needs some serious veterinary attention to make it through and in some serious need of some funds to be raised for his cause.

Brad, from Outcast Gaming stepped up and provided us with a venue on short notice for a warmachine and hordes benefit event. If you are familiar with the game or want to learn, this is a great opportunity to get some games in, learn or just look at some pretty models. And yes, we all know what kind of models.

The Milo Melee!

Help Milo the dog beat cancer!


5:00 start at Outcast gaming, 116 Duckworth street

20$ entry

25 pt custom zone control scenario.

dice rerolls! 1$ per die re-rolled! (1 die= 1$, 2 but 3 dice= 3$)

Damage shifting! move the damage a column to the left or right on a damage grid for a beast or jack, 1$

First prize is a watercolor painting of the winning caster/lock

More prize support to be announced.

Loaner armies are available!

Come one, come all and help Milo beat cancer!"

Just saw this post on St. John's Tabletop Community's Facebook page and wanted to share it with you all. The event will be taking place June 14, at 5:00 pm. I urge anyone that plays Warmachine/Hordes to join in on this event. Even if you don't, there's no reason you can't drop by to watch and donate a little money to help the cause!

Cheat for Charity Prizes From Downtown Comics!

A big thank you to Downtown Comics for donating these prizes toward Cheat for Charity. If you want a crack at winning one of these prizes, all you have to do is attend the event! Entry is by donation, so just donate what you can. We are accepting non-perishable food items or money. All proceeds will go to support the Canadian Food Sharing Association.

Retail Price: 29.99
Based on the epic HBO series, Game of Thrones is a card game in which two players wage war in the fields of Westeros and conspire to crush their opponents at court in King's Landing. Two fixed, fifty-card decks allow players to take control of either House Lannister or House Stark. Each deck includes the show's most recognizable characters and locations, including Eddard Stark, Cersei Lannister, Robert Baratheon, Littlefinger, and Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones streamlines the rules of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the core set of the living card game series, to make it more accessible to a wider audience. (Taken from

Retail Price: $40.00
Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Stan Lee’s employment at Marvel Comics! In five all-new 10-page tales written by "The Man" himself, Stan meets his web-slinging creation, journeys to Greenwich Village to catch up with his old pal Doctor Strange, is abducted to Latveria by the sinister Doctor Doom, makes the mistake of bicycling past Yancy Street and surfs the stars with a certain silver-skinned space-farer! Plus: Today's hottest writers and artists pay homage to Stan's life and career in five new 10-page stories. Also featuring classic Stan-scripted stories from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #87, FANTASTIC FOUR #79 and #87, MARVEL PREMIERE #3, and SILVER SURFER #14! Collecting STAN LEE MEETS SPIDER-MAN, DR. STRANGE, DR. DOOM, THE THING and SILVER SURFER. (Taken from

Nintendo Cross Canada Tour!

Nintendo is having a cross Canada tour! ... But so far Newfoundland is being left out! This would be nice for not only us, but for a lot of people to go and visit and have a fun family day! If you want Nintendo to visit us here in Newfoundland click the link below.

Review of All Things Zombie by Lock N' Load Publishing

When I opened  All Things Zombie from Lock 'N Load Publishing, the first of many games awaiting review, my wife said I looked like a kid in a candy shop. Clearly, she has never seen me in a candy shop! I was very excited about this one; the box alone looked like it had a lot of work put into it: it was sturdy, with great artwork.  Of course, this meant I expected the same of the game pieces and board.


Inside the box were 90 large zombie and survivor counters; 88 smaller counters representing some loot items, wounds, searched tiles for buildings, etc.; four back-printed 11" x 17" maps; a 24-page rulebook, survivor status cards, a players' aid card and 6 dice. While I am still in the middle of play, I am confident I can give a fair review.

I started by analyzing the manual, which at first was very confusing (especially to a new gamer), so I decided to set up the game and learn by playing. I would suggest this to any new player, as sometimes seeing the rules played out makes the game clearer. Once you have figured it out, it's quite a fun game. That being said, I still don't know all the rules, but I am catching on much quicker now that I have been playing it.

This game can be played alone or with up to 6 friends. You can play against or versus your friends based on which game scenario you choose. There is a campaign with championship round and skirmish scenarios; the campaign depends on what items and survivors are played, while the skirmish allows players to randomize and pick weapons and survivors based on a point system. While learning, I would suggest playing with friends instead of versus, as the ensuing zombies are enough competition for a beginner. Solitaire playability 10/10 due to the scenario games.

I would suggest to the publishers to add in a little more detail on the game board, though not necessarily details such as cars blocking roadways, fires blocking areas, etc.; overall, you need not focus on these items, but for a detailed fanatic, it does add to the realism. The rules could be made simpler by adding some general information for new gamers such as a terms glossary, as some of the terms would only be familiar to experienced gamers. I found some of the rules to be vague and in need of fleshing out. The rulebook is in colour and has some pictures; the inclusion of more picture demonstrations would add to the game's personality. I would also suggest placing the campaign scenarios on the same type of cards as the survivor status cards, rather then in the rulebook, for easy reference back and forth between the two.  Complexity scores a 6/10.

If you would like to see our other reviews check us out at Dads Just Know.

Game Reviews by Dads Just Know

This is my first post here and I must say I'm really excited! I would first like to introduce my self and why I am here. NL Gamer and Christopher Higdon from Dads Just Know (that's me) have partnered to be able to bring you game reviews (I know I am excited too!) I will be reviewing all different games board, video, cards, etc, really whatever I can get my hands on. Of course, this is when the real work will begin because I have a lot of game reviews to start writing. While I am getting prepared to start posting the reviews, I wanted to thank you all for this opportunity and hope that you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them. That being said if you wanted to check out some of our other works you can visit our blog at Dads Just Know, where we have already started reviews, and if you are so inclined you can view us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Cheat for Charity Warhammer 40K Tournament

Registration is now open for the Cheat for Charity Warhammer 40K tournament. The tournament will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 22nd at the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium, 1 Prince Philip Drive in St. John's. If you aren't familiar with Cheat for Charity you can read more about it in this recent post. The tournament will be run by St. John's TableTop Community's Matt Rose, and the tournament will use a Kill Team format. This format uses a smaller number of miniatures than vanilla 40K, and has a greater emphasis on tactical and narrative combat.

**Players must bring copy of army rules (or codex) and two copies of your kill team list (one for judges and one for yourself).**

How is cheating going to be incorporated into the game? Read more here.

Update: Prizes for the tournament here.

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Cheat for Charity - Gaming for a Cause

On the 22nd of June, 2013, the tabletop and video gaming communities of St. John's will partner together in support of the Community Food Sharing Association for a fund-raising event called Cheat for Charity. Cheat for Charity is to take place in the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium, 1 Prince Phillip Drive, from 12:00pm-9:00pm, and is open to gamers of all types, whether you're a seasoned Magic fan, or just someone looking to have a good time and donate to a worthwhile cause. The event aims to bring the community together in a celebration of gaming, fun, and human generosity. The event is a coordinated effort by NL Gamer, Goodwill Gaming, and St. John's TableTop Community.

The charity mechanism of Cheat for Charity involves donating non-perishable food items and money for 'cheats' during the games held at the event. For tournaments and organized games, these cheats will have been pre-decided and pretested by our volunteers, and will range in price depending on the strength of the cheat. Guests are free to come up with cheats of their own to play during casual games. Along with tournaments in Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye 64, and Pokemon Stadium, guests are welcome to bring their own games, or play single-run games from those donated by our volunteers and sponsors. Timemasters and Midgard Gaming have donated prizes for the Warhammer 40K and Magic: The Gathering tournaments respectively. In addition, various door prizes donated by Nether World Collectibles, Outcast Gaming, Downtown Comics, J Korean Restaurant, Formosa Tea House, and the Happy Hummus Hut will be raffled off during the event.

The number of tickets received will depend on the food item, or amount of money donated:
One Ticket: Canned Food, $2
Two Tickets: Crackers, Cookies, Muffins, Tea, Instant Coffee, Dried Pasta, Kraft Dinner, Cake Pastries, Peanut Butter, Granola Bars, Juice 1L
Three Tickets: Coffee Grounds, Large box of Rice, Cereal, Baby Formula
Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends:

Update: Read more about the Warhammer 40K Tournament and Register here.
Update: Check out these great prizes from Downtown Comics, Timemasters, and Nether World.
Update: More great prizes from Outcast Gaming and Midgard Gaming
Update: Cheat for Charity -- Success!