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As Most of you may have noticed that yesterday we moved to a new website. The domain is the same but now we are hosted through and a couple of third party plugins. This change has caused some issues but first I would like to explain the reason for our change.

Although we were very happy with our functionality before the site was hosted on a server at 5urieal's house, this meant we were subject to issues caused b y power outages as well as ISP (internet service provider) issues. This also means there was a lot of power consumption running a HP server with two 800 Watt power supplies 24/7. Due to this in order to save some funds as well as improving up-time we moved to a free hosting service.

What does this mean to you?

- First off everything looks a little different although most functionality is still here.
- Everyone will need to create new accounts. In order to join the forum hit "Login or Register" on the forum Page. If you want to be added as a writer for the blog just email with a brief explination and we will add your email address to our list of authors.
- If you use our events page this is now managed through Google calendar. this means you can simply email with event details and we can add it, or if you wish we can share a calendar with you that you can update yourself.
- Also our Gallery page is now a combination of Picasa and quick gallery so again you can either email with your pictures and a description or with a link to your existing gallery.

Hopefully everyone joins us on the new site and if you have any questions, concerns, comments or issues just let me know at either


Brad (5urieal)


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