So, What Is A Salty Set?

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

Fortunately, our good city's local gaming equivalent adheres to neither the first or the second rule, and so I had the opportunity recently to talk a little with Andrew Flood, who represents Newfoundland Fighting Jam.  Andrew is a MUN student specializing in Science and Georgraphy with a passion for fighting games, and has been playing these games since a young age.  He still fondly recalls playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 every day after high school, and that game specifically holds a lot of nostalgia value for him.  

Newfoundland Fighting Jam, as you'll notice on their handy Facebook page, is Newfoundland's premier fighting game community, and they regularly host games on Sunday at Memorial University or West Side Charlie's.  Andrew elaborated on what the NFJ is brilliantly.  Newfoundland Fighting Jam has been active for years, sparked by individuals who carried a mutual love for fighting games, and for competition.  He described the group as being "very specific" about the hobby and their gaming choices, and while many among the group double as regular gamers the team focuses very much on the fighting genre.  They practice, they play hard, and they run as a very well-oiled machine.  

Among the reasons for this Andrew cited is that many of the fighting games they practice have a steep learning curve, and that they are constantly trying to improve themselves.  The aim is to play at a dedicated, competitive level.  The games the team currently specializes in are Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and several others.  If it's a fighting game, and it exists, then there's a good chance that someone within the group has played it.

Andrew was also able to share with me war stories from the NFJ and some of their events.  One of the more memorable recent events involved one of their players getting trounced and he flipped his control stick onto the floor so that it landed on the block, and made the game impossible for his opponent to win.  So if anybody ever tells you that JD is second best to the floor at blocking, now you know, and knowing is half the battle!  Each event is unique, though, and there are always new stories, shenanigans, and highlights from these events.  Check out some of these events, and you might walk away with some war stories of your own to tell!

The Sunday games for Newfoundland Fighting Jam are usually just for-fun gaming without stakes, with random events like the upcoming Salty Sets event added once into the mix once in a while.  Their regular meetings usually feature between ten and fifteen players, where the larger events like Salty Sets can throw as many as thirty people into the fray.  Newfoundland Fighting Jam broadcasts their tournaments on Twitch TV, where you can watch the action live from home or wherever you have internet access.

By now, the question on your mind just might be "What is a Salty Set?  And what does a Salty Set have to do with fighting games, and tournament events?"  And we here at RotR have an answer.  And even if that wasn't the question on your mind, well, we're gonna give you the answer anyway!

"Salt" is a term used in the fighting game community for disappointment among players who don't make it to the top in tournaments like those held by Newfoundland Fighting Jam.  A "Salty Set" is an event that lets those salty players call out or challenge a rival player, sometimes with a wager at stake.  Want a rematch?  Sour that your foe put you out of the last tournament?  Then this is the event for you!  It leads well into one of Newfoundland Fighting Jam's next upcoming events, and getting everyone in peak performance for High Tide Throwdown in Halifax, a regular annual tournament.  Their hope is to represent the province, and hopefully bring back some prize money!

Tomorrow at 4:00pm, Salty Sets kicks off at the Landing at Memorial University, or room UC3018 in the University Center.  Thinking of checking out the NFJ, and getting involved?  This is an event you won't want to miss.  We at RedshirtOnTheRock wish the gang all the best, and I'm sure the good people here at NLGamer are also wishing them all luck on their big trip to Halifax, and all the awesome new war stories and challenges ahead!


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