New Steam Action Adventure Game to Be Released on Linux First

A new action adventure game, Decadence: Home Sweet Home, is currently being developed for steam, and will be released for Linux before any other operating system! The developers have stated that this decision is based on a desire to support the Linux gaming community. This kind of support is great, since a common complaint made about Linux has been the lack of games that work on the platform. Although it had always been possible to get some games working under Wine or Crossover Linux, it has never been something easy to do for the less experienced Linux users. The recent Steam for Linux project changed all that; it is now as simple as downloading the steam client, and then the games you wish to play.

Game Synopsis:


You can tell from their promotional video that the developers at Revolution System Games really care about making good games, and want to create something that gamers will love:

I will admit that the game appears somewhat rough at the moment. However, the game is still in development, and this is the company's first game. As well, they appear to have a solid vision for this game, and I hope that they are able to achieve their goals.

This project is currently on Steam Greenlight, which means it needs votes to get added to Steam's roster of games. Help support this game and the Linux gaming community by voting for the game here.


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