Assassins Creed 3

Hey all! It's been ages since I posted, so I'm going catch you all up on what I've been up to. Besides the hustle and bustle of every day life, I haven't really been up to much game wise. The only thing I've really had any time to invest in is Assassin's Creed 3, Which I just finished this past weekend.

As some of you know, before it was even announced that it was going to be taking place in the American Revolution, I predicted that this was going to be the plot. There was a lot of heated discussion about it on Reddit, but as it turns out, I was right.

The game starts out as you playing Haytham Kenway. This sort of took me by surprise at first. I knew the main character was Connor, and the fact that I'm playing as this white revolutionary took me for a loop. But I continued to play. Then as the story goes on it introduces you to a native women named Kaniehtí:io. Don't even ask how pronounce that, even after playing the game I still have no idea, but that's Connor's Mother. I don't want to give away any spoilers for the game, so I'll just explain that as the story goes on, you follow Kaniehtí:io though her life, and she has a child who becomes an assassin after his home village was burnt down.

This blog post isn't about the story of the game. That you will have to play through and find out for yourself. This post is about my opinion of the game on the whole.

Out of 10, I give it a 6.

You might be thinking to yourself "What!? Conway loves those games!". Which I do. This game has its pros, but also its cons.

I LOVED the graphics. The cut scenes were done exceptionally well. Even the detail down to the way the characters' hair blew in the wind, or how the horses moved, or the detail in the blood splatter. Graphics-wise I give it a 9! The only thing that took away from it was the mouth movement. It was still very robotic, and I know it's hard to master a mouth moving in a video game, so I won't rag on it.

One cool feature to this game happened when you were running away from conflict. It's like the camera zoomed in and you felt like you were running along with Connor. It was a pretty neat way to experience this, which wasn't something the last 4 games had.

The game engine was very smooth. No glitches or anything of the sort. I wasn't stuck in mid air while standing on a building, or I didn't get stuck on any walls, no falling through the map.

One other aspect to the game that I loved was the sound of the different terrains. If you're walking through grass, soft snow, hard snow, gravel, etc, it all sounds like if you were actually walking though the terrain yourself.

I enjoyed how you can run through people's houses in this one. You can't explore the homes, it just speeds you up and shoots you through the next available door or window. Still something new they threw in there. Imagine if Ezio could do that? No women would be safe from his womanising ways, lol.

You actually hunted in this game. You could kill bears, rabbits, deer, elk, wolves, raccoon's, etc. Just be careful while out exploring the Frontier, you may not have those annoying guards to deal with, but you've got wolves, bears, and mean mean elk to contend with. The hardest animal I found to fight was either the bear, mostly because of the shear size of the beast, or the elk. For some reason, that elk was HARD to take down. Those damn horns don't help.

One of the main things that I wasn't a fan of, was how slow the story line took to unfold. With Assassin's Creed 2 through Revelations, I found myself rushing through to find out what was going to happen next. With this game I found myself taking my sweet ass time and not in a huge rush to find out what's going on because the plot was so slow... There was only about 4 or 5 main characters that you are trying to take down, But it seemed like the efforts to take them out were just so easy that it didn't feel like a challenge.

Something else I found with this game was that I wasn't as invested in Connor as I was in Ezio. I found it more like playing Altair again. At least with Ezio you got to really know his personality and get to know what he was really about. With Connor, I was debating whether or not to finish the game. Maybe it had something to do with how monotone Connor was.... Also, a little useless FYI: the voice of Connor was also in a few episodes of Sons Of Anarchy! Myself and Brad were watching SOA and I said "That's Connor's voice!" and sure enough, IMDB didn't lie :) 

Another thing I wasn't sure on was how annoying most of the side missions were. Mostly the one where you have to drag people with small pox to the doctor. First: why didn't Connor get small pox?! Wasn't that stuff like mega contagious? The courier missions? BOOOORING.... And what was up with those pages from Benjamin Franklin's books? They were so hard to catch and if you didn't grab it in the first .003 seconds it's gone. Frustrating wasn't the word. I didn't even finish those missions.

And my last and final beef with the game: OPENING THOSE DAMN LOCKED CHESTS!!! *sigh*

I spent more time than I'd like to admit, slowly turning my left stick to the sweet spot, Then slowly turning my right stick to that next sweet spot, and then once it's clicked having to push the right trigger to break the lock. Well you know what happens when you push your trigger and try and hold your left AND right sticks at the same time? CHAOS! That's what. Needless to say that I lost those "sweet spots" many many times.

So all in all, It wasn't a horrible game, just not something I was really hooked on. Here's hoping Assassin's Creed 4 has more to offer. Wait, what am I saying? It's got pirates! Of course it's going to be amazing! I still miss my Ezio though. I could play AC2 through to Revelations a hundred times!


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