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Check out our own Dan Morton and his Magic: the Gathering Podcast.

JermEx Machina

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It's Dangerous To Go Alone!

One of the many awesome baked goods to be had at the Goodwill Gaming Mixer.  (I'm INVINCIBLE!)
 It's dangerous to go alone!

Yep, that's right folks, I finally carried out my first solo away mission.  It's a big, scary world out there - especially when you're a Star Trek geek wearing a red shirt - but I stepped up to the challenge, wandered out of my cavelike apartment dwelling, and faced the world.  What a glorious day it turned out to be, once I finally gathered the courage to -

Wait, that's not where you thought I was going with this?  Oh, you might be thinking of that other "It's dangerous to go alone."  The one with the old man, and the cave, and the sword that shoots people, and men in tights.  Yes, Legend of Zelda, through my formative years and young adulthood, was iconic.  It had a strong, silent hero, fierce villains, a story formula that never got old, and it was Nintendo.  This weekend, I had the rare opportunity to don that famous green tunic, take up my Hylian shield, and wield the Master Sword against a trio of very skilled foes.

And let it be known that the Hero of Time's shame at having been solidly trounced by a trio of Pokemon, a baseball-bat-brandishing brat, and a very tall chimp know virtually no bounds.  I'm pretty sure I should work on my swordsmanship before I plan on rescuing any princesses in the near future.

The man was right, folks: It's dangerous to go alone.  And this lone Hero of Time got his butt thoroughly kicked.

And it was one of the best butt-kickings I'd endured in a long, long time.

Official Butt-Kickers of Butts to be Kicked at SSB: Brawl!

Picking up that controller this weekend and hopping into Super Smash Bros. Brawl was an incredibly fun experience, and I gladly shout out a thank-you to the good folks at Goodwill Gaming.  Goodwill Gaming, who will be appearing in force at this year's Sci Fi on the Rock convention, are a terrific gang of gamers who use their love of console-based video games to raise money for charities, specifically charities that help out youth and youth organizations.  Most recently, Goodwill Gaming held a mixer event at Memorial University, and I was glad to attend and show my geek colors.

Dance Dance Revolution!

The event started at 5:00pm Friday afternoon and ran straight through until around 10:00pm that evening.  I don't think I've ever seen so many gaming consoles in my life.  The Mixer sported an old-school SNES set up along one wall running Super Mario World, while a projector and screen diagonal to it broadcast a four-man Super Smash Bros battle royale for the eyes of eager masses.  There were no shortage of Nintendo consoles or Nintendo-based games, and my inner nostalgic nerd saw that it was good.  Nintendo wasn't the only console or gaming giant represented through the event, though.  Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was featured, along with Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, and a Dance Dance Revolution game on the far side of the room that I may or may not have caught John Michael Bennett playing.

The good gentlemen at the bar, manning their posts.

If the Nintendo nerd in me was pleased by the games, it was doubly pleased by the refreshments.  The beverages, alcoholic and otherwise, were outstanding, but where Goodwill Gaming really shone over the weekend was in the culinary goods.  Cookies, cake, and baked goods abounded, some of them shaped like Kirby and other video game icons.

Baked goods in abundance! (And they were delicious!)

The event had a terrific atmosphere, and it was wonderful to see so many people of all ages brought together by a mutual love of gaming.  I had a terrific time, met a lot of great people, and played a few terrific games.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Goodwill Gaming follows this awesome mixer event up at Sci Fi on the Rock later this week, and I hope that the nerd community of St John's will continue supporting this awesome venture.

Ahem, speaking of Sci Fi on the Rock...

As fun as all of this console and tabletop gaming over the last few weeks has been, Redshirt on the Rock is proud to announce that we'll be getting back to our Sci-Fi roots at long last with a few awesome major events coming up later this week.  We'll be holding the front lines at Wolf 359 during the Best of Both Worlds event at Empire Theatres this Thursday night (Because the line must be drawn HERE!  This far, NO further!), and after that it is my great pleasure to announce that Sci Fi on the Rock is firing up this Friday at 2pm.  

If you want information on the convention itself, all sorts of informations and goodies are available at, and the con will be running through the weekend.  Guests include Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed, Star Trek: Enterprise), Dean Haglund ("Ringo" Langley, X-Files), Gary Jones (Walter, Stargate: SG-1), and more, so If you've got an interest in just about any form of geekery under the sun and you're in the St. John's area this is one event you won't want to miss!

Sci Fi on the Rock kicks off at 2pm this Friday.  Hope to see you all there!  Check for more info!

Watch Newfoundland Fighting Jam - Salty Sets On TwitchTV!

Newfoundland Fighting Jam Salty sets start today at 4:00! Tune in @ if you can't make it out in person!

So, What Is A Salty Set?

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!

Fortunately, our good city's local gaming equivalent adheres to neither the first or the second rule, and so I had the opportunity recently to talk a little with Andrew Flood, who represents Newfoundland Fighting Jam.  Andrew is a MUN student specializing in Science and Georgraphy with a passion for fighting games, and has been playing these games since a young age.  He still fondly recalls playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 every day after high school, and that game specifically holds a lot of nostalgia value for him.  

Newfoundland Fighting Jam, as you'll notice on their handy Facebook page, is Newfoundland's premier fighting game community, and they regularly host games on Sunday at Memorial University or West Side Charlie's.  Andrew elaborated on what the NFJ is brilliantly.  Newfoundland Fighting Jam has been active for years, sparked by individuals who carried a mutual love for fighting games, and for competition.  He described the group as being "very specific" about the hobby and their gaming choices, and while many among the group double as regular gamers the team focuses very much on the fighting genre.  They practice, they play hard, and they run as a very well-oiled machine.  

Among the reasons for this Andrew cited is that many of the fighting games they practice have a steep learning curve, and that they are constantly trying to improve themselves.  The aim is to play at a dedicated, competitive level.  The games the team currently specializes in are Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and several others.  If it's a fighting game, and it exists, then there's a good chance that someone within the group has played it.

Andrew was also able to share with me war stories from the NFJ and some of their events.  One of the more memorable recent events involved one of their players getting trounced and he flipped his control stick onto the floor so that it landed on the block, and made the game impossible for his opponent to win.  So if anybody ever tells you that JD is second best to the floor at blocking, now you know, and knowing is half the battle!  Each event is unique, though, and there are always new stories, shenanigans, and highlights from these events.  Check out some of these events, and you might walk away with some war stories of your own to tell!

The Sunday games for Newfoundland Fighting Jam are usually just for-fun gaming without stakes, with random events like the upcoming Salty Sets event added once into the mix once in a while.  Their regular meetings usually feature between ten and fifteen players, where the larger events like Salty Sets can throw as many as thirty people into the fray.  Newfoundland Fighting Jam broadcasts their tournaments on Twitch TV, where you can watch the action live from home or wherever you have internet access.

By now, the question on your mind just might be "What is a Salty Set?  And what does a Salty Set have to do with fighting games, and tournament events?"  And we here at RotR have an answer.  And even if that wasn't the question on your mind, well, we're gonna give you the answer anyway!

"Salt" is a term used in the fighting game community for disappointment among players who don't make it to the top in tournaments like those held by Newfoundland Fighting Jam.  A "Salty Set" is an event that lets those salty players call out or challenge a rival player, sometimes with a wager at stake.  Want a rematch?  Sour that your foe put you out of the last tournament?  Then this is the event for you!  It leads well into one of Newfoundland Fighting Jam's next upcoming events, and getting everyone in peak performance for High Tide Throwdown in Halifax, a regular annual tournament.  Their hope is to represent the province, and hopefully bring back some prize money!

Tomorrow at 4:00pm, Salty Sets kicks off at the Landing at Memorial University, or room UC3018 in the University Center.  Thinking of checking out the NFJ, and getting involved?  This is an event you won't want to miss.  We at RedshirtOnTheRock wish the gang all the best, and I'm sure the good people here at NLGamer are also wishing them all luck on their big trip to Halifax, and all the awesome new war stories and challenges ahead!

Goodwill Gaming Mixer and Games in MUNSU Council Chamber

For anyone that did not notice the change, Goodwill Gaming's event taking place tonight has been moved to the MUNSU council chambers (UC 2001).

A Gaming Perspective on Sci Fi On The Rock VII

It's that time of year again, folks! In two weeks Sci Fi on the Rock will be upon us, with all of the fun and shenaniganry that comes along with it! This year we have a wider array of guests, we have a fantastic lineup of workshops and events, and we have vendors, clubs, and community groups banding together from all over the province. It's really looking like this is shaping up to be one of our biggest years yet, if not the biggest yet!

Now, this is well and good for the veterans who have been present at SFOTR the last several years running, but what about the new people? What about for those checking out our dear Con for the very first time? With such a rich lineup of varying events and workshops, NLGamer requested a summary of some of the upcoming tables, events, and workshops that gamers - virtual and tabletop gamers alike - are really going to want to keep an eye out for at this year's Con. I'm happy to oblige!

First off, let's start with the community groups who will be showing up at this year's convention. Sci Fi on the Rock always features some fantastic community organizations, but this year there'll be more gaming-oriented tables than you can shake a stick at. The St. John's Games Club, the St. John's Tabletop Community, and the MUN Tabletop Games Club will be representing the tabletop gaming end of things, with Goodwill Gaming showcasing a mix of traditional tabletop gaming and virtual gaming as well. NLGamer will also be on-site, and representing video games, tabletop games, and live-action games as well. Sci-Fi on the Rock is also happy to welcome Red Meat Games, an independent game development studio testing out prototype video games and board games.

Where does one go to find these groups, or to get in touch with these good folks? Traditionally at Sci Fi on the Rock community organizations will have tables set up either in one of the dealer's-room areas or in the corridors, so if you're wandering the convention grounds in general you should have an easy time locating each of these groups and the good people manning these posts. The tables aren't where the gaming presence stops, though - there will be several events showcased during the convention, along with workshops, some of them being facilitated by the very groups mentioned above.

Goodwill Gaming and the IGDA (International Game Developer's Association) are definitely going to be on their toes this year. Both of these groups, throughout the convention, are going to keep gaming on the go and keep people actively playing and engaged.

The Goodwill Gaming Games Room will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and will offer games that you can walk in, pick up, and play. Bringing along a deck of MTG cards or a handheld game is also strongly encouraged! Part of their program for the weekend will include tournament events, so this will definitely be an event you'll want to hit early on, just to get a healthy edge over the competition.

The IGDA's Game Jam promises to be fast-paced and exciting as well. The Game Jam is a 48-hour rapid prototyping and designing exercise, with games designed over the weekend by small teams to follow a theme announced at the start of the Game Jam itself. We're expecting to have 4-6 games produced by the weekend's conclusion. The new games will be presented on Sunday, so if you have an interest in video games, tech, or programming, this won't be an event you'll want to miss.

The last two workshop events that fit the gaming niche are the Console Culture podcast and the Speed Gaming Showcase by Jason King. As a note, Console Culture's workshop is restricted to persons 18 years or older for mature themes and content, but if you fit that bill then this could be a good chance for you to learn about podcasting, how to start podcasts, and all sorts of other good stuff. While this isn't a dedicated gaming event per se, Console Culture handles a cartridge and virtual gaming niche well, and this would probably be a good opportunity for other gaming groups to look at new mediums that we can use to reach new audiences. Definitely worth a look!

Being a veteran of this particular convention, the best advice I can give is when you get to the Con, pick up one of the programs and hold onto it for dear life. All of the events will be scheduled and displayed in the programs, which make it much easy to figure out what events you want to attend and when you want to be there. Always try and swing by a little early if you can so that if rooms change or if there's similar last-minute issues you'll be able to get to your event or workshop in time, and before the room fills up to capacity. You can also check out, the website we have set up for the convention, where you can find information on all of the events, all of the groups attending, and copies of the workshop schedules.

And there's all sorts of stuff going on outside of the gaming world you might want to check out, too, while you're in the neighborhood! There's going to be a dance held Friday night, a chance to have champagne with some of our celebrity guests, a costume contest showcasing some awesome local cosplaying talent, and much much more on top of that. It promises to be a good year, and one of our biggest yet - come on out, get involved, and enjoy!

A little something for the LoLer's

Found this on Ctrl+Alt+Del and it struck me funny.

New Steam Action Adventure Game to Be Released on Linux First

A new action adventure game, Decadence: Home Sweet Home, is currently being developed for steam, and will be released for Linux before any other operating system! The developers have stated that this decision is based on a desire to support the Linux gaming community. This kind of support is great, since a common complaint made about Linux has been the lack of games that work on the platform. Although it had always been possible to get some games working under Wine or Crossover Linux, it has never been something easy to do for the less experienced Linux users. The recent Steam for Linux project changed all that; it is now as simple as downloading the steam client, and then the games you wish to play.

Game Synopsis:


You can tell from their promotional video that the developers at Revolution System Games really care about making good games, and want to create something that gamers will love:

I will admit that the game appears somewhat rough at the moment. However, the game is still in development, and this is the company's first game. As well, they appear to have a solid vision for this game, and I hope that they are able to achieve their goals.

This project is currently on Steam Greenlight, which means it needs votes to get added to Steam's roster of games. Help support this game and the Linux gaming community by voting for the game here.

Assassins Creed 3

Hey all! It's been ages since I posted, so I'm going catch you all up on what I've been up to. Besides the hustle and bustle of every day life, I haven't really been up to much game wise. The only thing I've really had any time to invest in is Assassin's Creed 3, Which I just finished this past weekend.

As some of you know, before it was even announced that it was going to be taking place in the American Revolution, I predicted that this was going to be the plot. There was a lot of heated discussion about it on Reddit, but as it turns out, I was right.

The game starts out as you playing Haytham Kenway. This sort of took me by surprise at first. I knew the main character was Connor, and the fact that I'm playing as this white revolutionary took me for a loop. But I continued to play. Then as the story goes on it introduces you to a native women named Kaniehtí:io. Don't even ask how pronounce that, even after playing the game I still have no idea, but that's Connor's Mother. I don't want to give away any spoilers for the game, so I'll just explain that as the story goes on, you follow Kaniehtí:io though her life, and she has a child who becomes an assassin after his home village was burnt down.

This blog post isn't about the story of the game. That you will have to play through and find out for yourself. This post is about my opinion of the game on the whole.

Out of 10, I give it a 6.

You might be thinking to yourself "What!? Conway loves those games!". Which I do. This game has its pros, but also its cons.

I LOVED the graphics. The cut scenes were done exceptionally well. Even the detail down to the way the characters' hair blew in the wind, or how the horses moved, or the detail in the blood splatter. Graphics-wise I give it a 9! The only thing that took away from it was the mouth movement. It was still very robotic, and I know it's hard to master a mouth moving in a video game, so I won't rag on it.

One cool feature to this game happened when you were running away from conflict. It's like the camera zoomed in and you felt like you were running along with Connor. It was a pretty neat way to experience this, which wasn't something the last 4 games had.

The game engine was very smooth. No glitches or anything of the sort. I wasn't stuck in mid air while standing on a building, or I didn't get stuck on any walls, no falling through the map.

One other aspect to the game that I loved was the sound of the different terrains. If you're walking through grass, soft snow, hard snow, gravel, etc, it all sounds like if you were actually walking though the terrain yourself.

I enjoyed how you can run through people's houses in this one. You can't explore the homes, it just speeds you up and shoots you through the next available door or window. Still something new they threw in there. Imagine if Ezio could do that? No women would be safe from his womanising ways, lol.

You actually hunted in this game. You could kill bears, rabbits, deer, elk, wolves, raccoon's, etc. Just be careful while out exploring the Frontier, you may not have those annoying guards to deal with, but you've got wolves, bears, and mean mean elk to contend with. The hardest animal I found to fight was either the bear, mostly because of the shear size of the beast, or the elk. For some reason, that elk was HARD to take down. Those damn horns don't help.

One of the main things that I wasn't a fan of, was how slow the story line took to unfold. With Assassin's Creed 2 through Revelations, I found myself rushing through to find out what was going to happen next. With this game I found myself taking my sweet ass time and not in a huge rush to find out what's going on because the plot was so slow... There was only about 4 or 5 main characters that you are trying to take down, But it seemed like the efforts to take them out were just so easy that it didn't feel like a challenge.

Something else I found with this game was that I wasn't as invested in Connor as I was in Ezio. I found it more like playing Altair again. At least with Ezio you got to really know his personality and get to know what he was really about. With Connor, I was debating whether or not to finish the game. Maybe it had something to do with how monotone Connor was.... Also, a little useless FYI: the voice of Connor was also in a few episodes of Sons Of Anarchy! Myself and Brad were watching SOA and I said "That's Connor's voice!" and sure enough, IMDB didn't lie :) 

Another thing I wasn't sure on was how annoying most of the side missions were. Mostly the one where you have to drag people with small pox to the doctor. First: why didn't Connor get small pox?! Wasn't that stuff like mega contagious? The courier missions? BOOOORING.... And what was up with those pages from Benjamin Franklin's books? They were so hard to catch and if you didn't grab it in the first .003 seconds it's gone. Frustrating wasn't the word. I didn't even finish those missions.

And my last and final beef with the game: OPENING THOSE DAMN LOCKED CHESTS!!! *sigh*

I spent more time than I'd like to admit, slowly turning my left stick to the sweet spot, Then slowly turning my right stick to that next sweet spot, and then once it's clicked having to push the right trigger to break the lock. Well you know what happens when you push your trigger and try and hold your left AND right sticks at the same time? CHAOS! That's what. Needless to say that I lost those "sweet spots" many many times.

So all in all, It wasn't a horrible game, just not something I was really hooked on. Here's hoping Assassin's Creed 4 has more to offer. Wait, what am I saying? It's got pirates! Of course it's going to be amazing! I still miss my Ezio though. I could play AC2 through to Revelations a hundred times!

Congratulations to Timemasters Gift Card Winner!

Thanks to all who filled out and completed our Cheat for Charity survey during the St. John's Tabletop Day event at the Rocket Saturday :)
After going through the surveys, and randomly selecting our winner, I would like to congratulate Peter Pafford on winning the $50 Timemasters gift card!

St. John's Tabletop Day Event on NTV News

Check out NTV's report on the recent Tabletop Day celebration at the Rocket!

ATLANTI-CON Tickets on Sale

If you haven't bought tickets for ATLANTI-CON yet, they are available online now:

For those not familiar with ATLANTI-CON, it is a science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and anime convention held in Corner Brook. You can learn more ATLANTI-CON and its history here:

Win a SupaBoy Portable SNES Console From The Game Code

The Game Code is offering another great contest, which is completely free! Just follow the instructions!