The Video Game Bucket List

Hey All, I just wanted to share this list i just came across over here and it had a lot of things I would agree on with my personal experience.

Please note I copied the list only and all credit goes to the author from the above link.

 There are scenes, achievements, and spectacles that all gamers should experience in their lives. With technology digging back through gaming’s history to ensure titles once lost are resurrected on modern platforms, there are scant excuses left to not go back and appreciate all of the best moments in video games. After all, at some point you’re going to run out of extra lives and continues. Here’s our video game bucket list: 101 things you absolutely should do in gaming before you die.

1. Jump off the Agency Tower in Crackdown, but make sure you land in the water.
2. Execute a Fatality in a Mortal Kombat game. For a bonus, make it Liu Kang’s Dragon one.
3. Collect all 7 chaos emeralds in Sonic 2, activate Super Sonic and kick some ass.
4. In Fallout 3, step out into the Capitol Wasteland for the first time. Bring sunglasses.
5. Get to Area 5 in Rez, sit back, and prepare to have your mind blown.
6. Get to World 1 in Braid, and prepare to have whatever’s left of your mind blown.
7. Perform the Rainbow Road shortcut in Mario Kart 64, preferably against a noob.
8. Get a M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL in Unreal Tournament.
9. Pucker up and go over the rainbow in Bully: Scholarship Edition.
10. Think pleasant thoughts as you serenely drift through Flower.
11. Play the ‘Stars game’ in Grand Theft Auto III. If you get 6 stars, declare yourself king.
12. Trash a car in Street Fighter II, and I mean really trash it.
13. Play Desert Bus, and maybe turn your marathon drive into a charity event.
14. Dig feet into the ground and ready chainsaw guns in Gears of War 2’s Horde mode.
15. Don the mighty Nintendo Power Glove – but please, not like this.
16. Watch yourself through the portal you’re jumping through in Portal – confused?
17. Trap your Sim inside a room with no toilet in The Sims, and revel in your evil.
18. Take in the view from the roof of the Shangri La Hotel in Uncharted 2. Then go for a dip.
19. Get 120 stars and meet Yoshi in Super Mario 64.
20. Choose between Tifa and Aeris in Final Fantasy VII – don’t get too attached.
21. Keep up with Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3. Don’t try too hard, though.
22. Get to Dr Wily’s Castle in Mega Man 2 and enjoy the best piece of 8-bit music ever.
23. No-scope snipe someone in Halo, then brag relentlessly about it.
24. Fling yourself down the hill and over the trams to make some crazy money in Crazy Taxi.
25. Get the good ending in Bubble Bobble, and bask in your own glory.
26. While you’re at it, get to the sixth world in Rainbow Islands and bask in Arkanoid’s glory.
27. Play a ‘Jesus shot’ in PGA Tour ’08. If you’re lucky, you might get noticed.
28. Descend upon the eerie beauty of Rapture in BioShock’s opening moments.
29. Hold a boozy Wii Sports Resort party. Just make sure you let your boss win.
30. Get your ass whooped by Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on the NES.
31. Make a Pac-Baby in Ms. Pac-Man. Beware, cartoon adventures may ensue.
32. Play as Oddjob in a round of License to Kill with pistols only in Goldeneye: 007.
33. Offend your sensibilities with GTA III: San Andreas’ infamous Hot Coffee mod.
34. Ditch your party and make a reckless lone run for the chopper and freedom in Left 4 Dead.
35. Do the same in World of Warcraft as your party lines up a boss, screaming “LEEROY JENKINS!”
36. Stick to your guns and reject the G-man’s offer at the end of Half-Life.
37. Then go G-man spotting in Half-Life 2 – he gets around, that G-man.
38. Find out what Snake’s codec intel is on the whole cast of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
39. Take down a colossus in Shadow of the Colossus – and breathe.
40. Let Psycho Mantis read your mind and shake your world in Metal Gear Solid.
41. Play Animal Crossing on your birthday. For bonus points, see in the new year with it.
42. Keep your head on your shoulders through the village assault in Resident Evil 4.
43. Light-gun the galaxy to safety, one terribly acted scene at a time in Space Pirates.
44. Play a 10 vs 10 online game of FIFA 10 and score a last-minute winner.
45. Find and shoot John Romero’s head on a stick in Doom II. Make him scream.
46. Take out a line of utterly hapless victims with Quake III’s railgun.
47. Clear 4 rows with a vertical block in Tetris while listening to this music.
48. Head to the arcade for some Dance Dance Revolution, and play it like you mean it.
49. While you’re there, take on Daytona USA with seven other players.
50. Rescue the late, great Space Michael in Space Channel 5.
51. Snowboard your way down from the top of Peak 3 to the bottom of Peak 1 in SSX 3.
52. Games can do whatever movies can; complete the Death Star trench run in Rogue Squadron II.
53. Take a trip to Monkey Island to engage in some good ol’-fashioned insult swordfighting.
54. Think you’ve lost your grip on sanity in the midst of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.
55. Switch between the dark and light worlds for the first time in Zelda: A Link to the Past.
56. Enter the inverted castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
57. Experience nuclear devastation up close in Call of Duty 4’s standout moment.
58. Use Midnight Bliss against Street Fighter characters in Capcom Fighting Evolution.
59. Don your cheerleader’s uniform and take on Ouendan’s Ready Steady Go in Insane Mode.
60. Stretch those arms and make that final leap of faith in Ico’s closing stages.
61. Hold back the tears as Tidus and Yuna have their first kiss in Final Fantasy X.
62. Master how to trap your cornered friends in a 10-player game of Saturn Bomberman.
63. Run like crazy to escape from Zebes and then take in Metroid’s final revelation.
64. Build up your metropolis in SimCity 2000, then lay waste to it with a firestorm.
65. Get told how disgustingly fat you are by something you paid money for, thanks to Wii Fit.
66. Get the ‘dog ending’ in Silent Hill 2, and wonder what the hell just happened.
67. If you fancy something a bit more disturbing, make a date with destiny in F.E.A.R. 2
68. Spend an inordinate amount of money so that you can play all five SEGA CD 32X games.
69. Create a LittleBigPlanet level that’s a love letter to your favorite game.
70. Finally finish the fight for Master Chief in Halo 3 – is it really the end?
71. Speaking of great endings, take down Zeus in the name of Sparta in God of War 2.
72. Cross paths with yourself in your second play-through of Resident Evil 2.
73. Beat Contra on the NES without using the Konami code.
74. Complete Turtles in Time in under an extremely radical time of 23 minutes.
75. Mourn your fallen men as you view their graves in Cannon Fodder.
76. Make love to an alien in Mass Effect and see if you end up on the news.
77. Swarm your opponent’s hospital with vomiting patients in Theme Hospital’s multiplayer.
78. Take on the Chicago Bulls with Bill and Hilary Clinton (in happier times) in NBA Jam.
79. Get all your bandmates together to play Portal’s Still Alive in Rock Band 2.
80. Take on Wipeout HD’s Zone Mode to the backdrop of DJ Fresh’s X-Project.
81. Go all fuzzy when you press the cuddle button in A Boy and His Blob on the Wii.
82. Compose your favorite piece of gaming music in Mario Paint – or least part of it.
83. Take to the skies in Call of Duty 4 and deal out some death from above.
84. While you’re up there, hop on a gryphon and take in World of Warcraft’s Azeroth.
85. Purchase a Virtual Boy and play the only good game on the system, Wario Land.
86. Execute an utterly satisfying, literal backstabbing in Counter-Strike.
87, See the sun burst out of the gap between the trees in Gran Turismo 3’s Trial Mountain.
88. Successfully dock your Cobra MK II at a space station in Elite.
89. Score a goal from the kick-off in Kick-Off! – because it just has to be done.
90. Get your fission mailed to you first-class in Metal Gear Solid 2.
91. Use a Master Ball on Mewtwo to catch all 151 of the original Pokémon.
92. Find 4 GBAs, 3 Game Link Cables, and 4 Game Paks of Four Swords – multiplayer Zelda!
93. Microwave a hamster in Maniac Mansion – and only in Maniac Mansion.
94. Roll your first school kid in Katamari Damacy – and only in Katamari Damacy.
95. Whisper sweet nothings to a Merc before offing him in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
96. Convince the inhabitants of Oblivion’s Border Watch that it’s Judgement Day – woof!
97. Visit Minus World in Super Mario Bros. Keep playing the level until you complete it.
98. Get your amorous girlfriend from New York to Los Angeles in Turbo Outrun.
99. Die repeatedly as you try to rescue the scantily-clad Princess Daphne in Dragon’s Lair.
100. Celebrate Xmas the right way with 25 nights of Xmas NiGHTS, like this guy did.
101. And finally, swim with the dolphins… in Endless Ocean – bit less pricey than the real thing.


  1. Hm, not bad list, I may add to this a Gameboy emulator for PC. I think you will like it. In this storage is Metroid, super Mario etc, all that games, that were at 90'th! Wooho, to night will be a lot of fun. Me, pizza and gameboy!