Local news. The road to tabletop is paved with Rolling Intentions.

Welcome all, myself and Azreal had the pleasure of meeting a local community organizer for tabletop gaming in St Johns. His name is Jason King, he operates a gaming podcast from a his website Rolling Intentions. There is a podcast interview containing portions of our dialogue available on his website.

Jason's local tabletop group has expanded wonderfully over the past several months. During our interview, I wondered what types of games there were currently enjoying. The one that caught my ear was "mystic empyrean" Essentially what he had been describing was beyond my ken. I was raised on traditional D&D rules. Jason had brought to my attention a game in which the players describe the world. This flew in the face of my knowledge of pen&paper. No DM plotting my adventure? Noticing my bafflement, Jason enlightened me to GNS Theory.After learning the distinctions between Gamist, Narrativist and Simulationist, I had a greater comprehension of pen and paper gaming as a whole. Jason asserted that he considered himself a Narrativist, I found the idea to be quite illuminating. It seemed to me that this form of RPing was much more character driven, which appealed to my more dramatic side.

Jason told us some of his story, and his goals. The most significant of which was the desire for a convention of gaming that we could call our own. Newfoundland is woefully bereft of any serious gaming event. The closest thing we have is our "Sci-fi on the rock" convention. This convention hasn't been limited to science fiction content only. Fantasy, Steam-punk, Anime, horror and more have all been integrated. While this celebration of our counter-culture is delightful, we believe there is still ample room for another convention focused entirely around gaming.

We will be updating our calender with events hosted or supported by Jason's groups. There is a bi-weekly meeting at the local coffee & company in St Johns, NFLD around 7:00 PM. Games and good times aplenty to be had by all!


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