LARPing Comes to St. John's

Live Action Roleplaying (LARPing) is a geek phenomenon gaining steam on the mainland and elsewhere in the world, and with Epoch on the Rock, Newfoundland may just have its first organized LARP community in the making.

The group in question is run by MUNLARP and is partly based on the successful LARP group, Epoch Toronto. Epoch is a boffer LARP, meaning the combat system is acted out using 'boffer' weapons (foam-wrapped pipes made to look good but be safe). As in many active LARPs, magic is cast by throwing or otherwise using seedbags. The presence of combat does not mean there won't also be plenty of drama, politics and story, which are all large parts of the fun of LARPing. For more of a teaser concerning the world of Epoch, the group has a tumblr account used for posting fairytales from the Epoch universe, which can be read at your leisure, but are not a necessity for those entering the group:

Though there has been considerable interest in Epoch on the Rock, turn-out to some of the starting events this past summer was disappointing. To combat some of the past difficulties the group has had, MUNLARP plans to host some light events to help ease people into the idea of LARPing and calm the nerves of those who are entering the LARPing world for the first time. Suggested light events including feasts (sort of like a medieval potluck!), and will take place over the winter and spring.

In the meantime, MUNLARP is working on the technical side of LARPing, stitching costumes and taping weapons. If you'd like to take part and help put together materials and gather items, please contact MUNLARP either via e-mail or tumblr:



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