Stacking! another Double Fine Game

So if you are anything like myself, when you first saw this game you thought “WTF!? a game about those little stacking things at your grandmother’s house?” I will admit that was my first impression, but after sitting down the other night with Jermex and playing through the first couple chapters, I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and just how fun the game is.
First off, the style of the game and the art are amazing. In all honesty I am not a huge fan of 3D adventure games, I really like the classic 2D style but this game looks really nice and the controls are not bad (a little bit weird to get used to but once you run around a bit it grows on you quick). Next is the way stacking works which i think is awesome, you are a small stack and when you stack into larger characters each one gives you a different action. This action could be anything from a punch, to a seductive booty shake, to a fart, or even the ability to willingly “toss your cookies”.
Some of these actions seem like they are just for fun but many are used to solve puzzles which brings me to the second highlight of the game. The puzzles are great and always have multiple ways to resolve them, meaning you can find the easiest route to solve the puzzle but you can always go back and solve it another way or all other ways. For me, this was great because it allowed different gameplay styles, if you wanted to just go through and get the story you can solve each puzzle once or you can solve each puzzle with all possible solutions. This would also mean that each person who plays through the game can have a slightly different experience as the puzzle resolutions may not be the same. Also there are little side missions some of which are simply to reunite a group or family by finding and stacking them together, and others just come from using your stacked actions in different situations to gain a little extra playtime and a lot of fun.
To conclude I just think it’s really awesome to have a game which allows you to play through quickly or give in to your obsessive compulsive tendencies and collect all characters, and solve each puzzle each way.


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