League of Legends: Still going strong?

Most of you should be familiar with League of Legends (LoL for short), a free to play game of the MOBA genre. (MOBA being a PVP, RTS, RPG blend)
If you aren’t, then head over to the website and check it out.
Over the past 2 years, League of Legends has been a bounding boulder of success. It isn’t perfect, by any standard, but it is certainly an entertaining way to pass some time playing with some pals. It could be a point of contention, but I believe LoL is current champion of it’s Genre.
It’s greatest competitor to the point has been Heroes of Newerth (HoN). Both games offer different experiences, HoN being known as the more “hardcore” of the two. The primary differences are in the graphics and the “denying” mechanic.
The art of LoL is colourful and cartoon-like. HoN has a dark gritty edge in it’s graphics.
Denying is the act of killing your own people before the enemy can get the chance (thus denying them the gold reward). This mechanic seems counter-intuitive to me, and therefore LoL is my choice between the two.
However, A new/old challenger approaches

I’ll spare you the entire history of the MOBA genre, all you need to know is the Acronym DOTA. What was once a simple mod is making a return to the scene in the form of DOTA 2. This time, the game is backed by the major publisher Valve. They maintain a regularly updated blog HERE for your reading pleasure.I know there is a DOTA 2 beta floating around, I’ve watched my share of youtube on the topic.
I personally missed the entire DOTA generation. I wasn’t PC gaming during the time of warcraft 3, and so DOTA flew directly over my head. LoL was my first real experience with the MOBA genre, I have been deeply invested in it spending maybe 100$ on a game which is technically free.
My questions to you all are, does DOTA 2 have the “oomph” to knock LoL from it’s throne? Is there room in the genre for a variety of games?
Please leave your responses in the comments below.
And here is a DOTA 2 guide video, for good measure.


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