Costume Quest!

So it may seem lately that we’ve been blogging about only Double Fine games. Maybe it’s just by fluke? Or Maybe it’s because they’ve put out a lot of great games that we at NL Gamer have been discovering lately.
I found myself bored the other night, so I decided to scroll through the downloadable demos on the ol’ 360. I downloaded a few Kinect demos for our 5 year old to play, and after getting a few of those, I found this cute little game that looked like it might be interesting. It was called Costume Quest.
It’s a 2D (Ish.. Its almost like 2.5D) RPG where you choose to be the girl character or the boy. (I choose the girl) Your mother puts you in charge of watching your twin on Halloween (Why young children are going trick or treating alone in this day and age I have no idea, But that’s another matter).
You dawn your costumes and hit the mean streets! You go to a few houses, Get some candy, But then at the second house, What shall happen but a monster pops out (who looks a lot like a monster I’ve seen before.. I just can’t place it.. )and steals your brother (or sister depending on who you pick) and throws them over this gate to never be seen again!

Your quest is to rescue your twin, and to do so you have to wondering around the town, collecting candy, and bits of costumes to make. During your frantic few moments right after your brother goes missing you happen to met a new character who joins your team. He’s dressed as a knight! With sword and all. If you feel so inclined you can swap costumes with him ( But I find the robot costume you have is better in the battles).
When you trick or treat at the doors in the neighborhood, You can either come into contact with a friendly face, like the local police man, Or you can met the evil Monsters who stole your brother! When you met these horrible creatures, you break out into a typical RPG action fight sequence. You attack, He attacks. Your friend attacks, The monsters attack. The knight’s special abilities are he has a shield that can protect the other player. Which will lesson the damage inflected by the evil green thugs. If you’re dressed as the robot, You have chest missiles! Which I find inflict more damage then just your normal attacks.
I only played the demo of this game, But from what I saw, for 1,200 Microsoft Points, I think it’s well worth it!


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