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This is going to be the start of a weekly article I will write with cheap and free games and related items. I am a fairly frugal person, and as such I am constantly looking for a deal especially when it comes to my hobbies. With the release of the post about the deal at Telltale games i just did here, I realized others like me may benefit from a weekly article listing a couple things I have found. If you want to view all these articles together as they progress just check category Cheap Gaming.

First thing I want to mention is Kickstarter, this is a great site with a lot of projects on it. The projects range through most of what one could think of, with a large selection of games. The idea is, you donate money to help someone “kick start” a project . The awesome thing about this is that most games on there (I personally have backed a few recently) will give you a digital copy of the game for around $15. There is also a lot of war-gaming and board game stuff there so it allows you to get advanced copies of things, for a good price as well as help the project out. I highly suggest heading on over there with the above link and seeing what peaks your interest.

The next thing is papercraft gaming. I am a fan of tabletop games but as we all know it is an expensive hobby to get into. Well, not if your into papercraft. There are several websites out there which either sell or give away templates that you can print out to use with your tabletop games. These templates range from generic models to duplicates of your favorite game models and even includes terrain. This means you can get a nice tabletop game on the go for free or just really cheap. I will put a few links below for different sites I have used and even purchased from and I would like to note that one is Fat Dragon Games who if you find this earlier post actually have created their own Mech style tabletop and the full game sells for just $10.
Fat Dragon Games
Dave Graffam Models
One Monk Minatures
Also if you have any suggestions or a site you would like me to mention please comment below or email 


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