Cheap @#$ Gaming #2

Last week, I introduced cheap gaming with kickstarter and papercraft wargaming. This week, I would like to elaborate on the papercraft by directing you to something I have been reading In The Grim Cheapness of the Future. This site run by fellow blogger, Virtual Stranger, has many cheap and innovative ways to modify, create, and customize things to create a great Warhammer 40K army. When I found his blog, I read back through every post and I must say he makes papercraft tanks that look so close to the original it is uncanny.

last week I mentioned Kickstarter, this week I have found a couple of projects which really stand out to me. The first of which is Roll20, a virtual tabletop game which I think any tabletop gamer would love to have. I know it can be an issue sometimes to get together with your friends or gaming club to play a game so the fact that it is online makes it much more accessible. This is especially true for gamers who may live in an area where the gaming community is small (if one even exists).

This is a virtual table with high customization to allow you to create your own campaigns as well as download pre-made campaigns. It’s awesome that the creators plan on making it free for both players and GM’s and plan to keep income by selling premium content like art and campaigns. So head on over and donate some money to help them out.

The other game I found interesting is Parsec which looks like a futuristic RPG. The project is already funded and has more than tripled the goal of $3300. The kickstarter ends today, so sorry for the late notice but if you pledge today you get a copy of the finished game and i think for $25 to $35 it will be worth the investment. Also anyone willing to go half’s on the $55 to get two signed copies of the book as well as digital copies just let me know :P


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