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Cheap @#$ Gaming #2

Last week, I introduced cheap gaming with kickstarter and papercraft wargaming. This week, I would like to elaborate on the papercraft by directing you to something I have been reading In The Grim Cheapness of the Future. This site run by fellow blogger, Virtual Stranger, has many cheap and innovative ways to modify, create, and customize things to create a great Warhammer 40K army. When I found his blog, I read back through every post and I must say he makes papercraft tanks that look so close to the original it is uncanny.

last week I mentioned Kickstarter, this week I have found a couple of projects which really stand out to me. The first of which is Roll20, a virtual tabletop game which I think any tabletop gamer would love to have. I know it can be an issue sometimes to get together with your friends or gaming club to play a game so the fact that it is online makes it much more accessible. This is especially true for gamers who may live in an area where the gaming community is small (if one even exists).

This is a virtual table with high customization to allow you to create your own campaigns as well as download pre-made campaigns. It’s awesome that the creators plan on making it free for both players and GM’s and plan to keep income by selling premium content like art and campaigns. So head on over and donate some money to help them out.

The other game I found interesting is Parsec which looks like a futuristic RPG. The project is already funded and has more than tripled the goal of $3300. The kickstarter ends today, so sorry for the late notice but if you pledge today you get a copy of the finished game and i think for $25 to $35 it will be worth the investment. Also anyone willing to go half’s on the $55 to get two signed copies of the book as well as digital copies just let me know :P

League of Legends: Still going strong?

Most of you should be familiar with League of Legends (LoL for short), a free to play game of the MOBA genre. (MOBA being a PVP, RTS, RPG blend)
If you aren’t, then head over to the website and check it out.
Over the past 2 years, League of Legends has been a bounding boulder of success. It isn’t perfect, by any standard, but it is certainly an entertaining way to pass some time playing with some pals. It could be a point of contention, but I believe LoL is current champion of it’s Genre.
It’s greatest competitor to the point has been Heroes of Newerth (HoN). Both games offer different experiences, HoN being known as the more “hardcore” of the two. The primary differences are in the graphics and the “denying” mechanic.
The art of LoL is colourful and cartoon-like. HoN has a dark gritty edge in it’s graphics.
Denying is the act of killing your own people before the enemy can get the chance (thus denying them the gold reward). This mechanic seems counter-intuitive to me, and therefore LoL is my choice between the two.
However, A new/old challenger approaches

I’ll spare you the entire history of the MOBA genre, all you need to know is the Acronym DOTA. What was once a simple mod is making a return to the scene in the form of DOTA 2. This time, the game is backed by the major publisher Valve. They maintain a regularly updated blog HERE for your reading pleasure.I know there is a DOTA 2 beta floating around, I’ve watched my share of youtube on the topic.
I personally missed the entire DOTA generation. I wasn’t PC gaming during the time of warcraft 3, and so DOTA flew directly over my head. LoL was my first real experience with the MOBA genre, I have been deeply invested in it spending maybe 100$ on a game which is technically free.
My questions to you all are, does DOTA 2 have the “oomph” to knock LoL from it’s throne? Is there room in the genre for a variety of games?
Please leave your responses in the comments below.
And here is a DOTA 2 guide video, for good measure.

Cheap @#$ Gaming

This is going to be the start of a weekly article I will write with cheap and free games and related items. I am a fairly frugal person, and as such I am constantly looking for a deal especially when it comes to my hobbies. With the release of the post about the deal at Telltale games i just did here, I realized others like me may benefit from a weekly article listing a couple things I have found. If you want to view all these articles together as they progress just check category Cheap Gaming.

First thing I want to mention is Kickstarter, this is a great site with a lot of projects on it. The projects range through most of what one could think of, with a large selection of games. The idea is, you donate money to help someone “kick start” a project . The awesome thing about this is that most games on there (I personally have backed a few recently) will give you a digital copy of the game for around $15. There is also a lot of war-gaming and board game stuff there so it allows you to get advanced copies of things, for a good price as well as help the project out. I highly suggest heading on over there with the above link and seeing what peaks your interest.

The next thing is papercraft gaming. I am a fan of tabletop games but as we all know it is an expensive hobby to get into. Well, not if your into papercraft. There are several websites out there which either sell or give away templates that you can print out to use with your tabletop games. These templates range from generic models to duplicates of your favorite game models and even includes terrain. This means you can get a nice tabletop game on the go for free or just really cheap. I will put a few links below for different sites I have used and even purchased from and I would like to note that one is Fat Dragon Games who if you find this earlier post actually have created their own Mech style tabletop and the full game sells for just $10.
Fat Dragon Games
Dave Graffam Models
One Monk Minatures
Also if you have any suggestions or a site you would like me to mention please comment below or email 

Costume Quest!

So it may seem lately that we’ve been blogging about only Double Fine games. Maybe it’s just by fluke? Or Maybe it’s because they’ve put out a lot of great games that we at NL Gamer have been discovering lately.
I found myself bored the other night, so I decided to scroll through the downloadable demos on the ol’ 360. I downloaded a few Kinect demos for our 5 year old to play, and after getting a few of those, I found this cute little game that looked like it might be interesting. It was called Costume Quest.
It’s a 2D (Ish.. Its almost like 2.5D) RPG where you choose to be the girl character or the boy. (I choose the girl) Your mother puts you in charge of watching your twin on Halloween (Why young children are going trick or treating alone in this day and age I have no idea, But that’s another matter).
You dawn your costumes and hit the mean streets! You go to a few houses, Get some candy, But then at the second house, What shall happen but a monster pops out (who looks a lot like a monster I’ve seen before.. I just can’t place it.. )and steals your brother (or sister depending on who you pick) and throws them over this gate to never be seen again!

Your quest is to rescue your twin, and to do so you have to wondering around the town, collecting candy, and bits of costumes to make. During your frantic few moments right after your brother goes missing you happen to met a new character who joins your team. He’s dressed as a knight! With sword and all. If you feel so inclined you can swap costumes with him ( But I find the robot costume you have is better in the battles).
When you trick or treat at the doors in the neighborhood, You can either come into contact with a friendly face, like the local police man, Or you can met the evil Monsters who stole your brother! When you met these horrible creatures, you break out into a typical RPG action fight sequence. You attack, He attacks. Your friend attacks, The monsters attack. The knight’s special abilities are he has a shield that can protect the other player. Which will lesson the damage inflected by the evil green thugs. If you’re dressed as the robot, You have chest missiles! Which I find inflict more damage then just your normal attacks.
I only played the demo of this game, But from what I saw, for 1,200 Microsoft Points, I think it’s well worth it!

Sweet Deal from Telltale Games

So you can now preorder Telltale Games new adventure series The walking Dead based on the book series. As if its not cool enough that you can buy that game for $22 but if you add another $20 you get all the following games:
Sam and Max Season 1-3
Back to the Future
Jurassic Park
Puzzle Agent 1&2
Strong Bad’s Cool game for attractive people
Law and Order
This pack is normally $90 by itself, so it’s an awesome deal. Also, if that isn’t cool enough for you, there is also a contest which could allow you to become a game character!
check it all out here

Stacking! another Double Fine Game

So if you are anything like myself, when you first saw this game you thought “WTF!? a game about those little stacking things at your grandmother’s house?” I will admit that was my first impression, but after sitting down the other night with Jermex and playing through the first couple chapters, I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and just how fun the game is.
First off, the style of the game and the art are amazing. In all honesty I am not a huge fan of 3D adventure games, I really like the classic 2D style but this game looks really nice and the controls are not bad (a little bit weird to get used to but once you run around a bit it grows on you quick). Next is the way stacking works which i think is awesome, you are a small stack and when you stack into larger characters each one gives you a different action. This action could be anything from a punch, to a seductive booty shake, to a fart, or even the ability to willingly “toss your cookies”.
Some of these actions seem like they are just for fun but many are used to solve puzzles which brings me to the second highlight of the game. The puzzles are great and always have multiple ways to resolve them, meaning you can find the easiest route to solve the puzzle but you can always go back and solve it another way or all other ways. For me, this was great because it allowed different gameplay styles, if you wanted to just go through and get the story you can solve each puzzle once or you can solve each puzzle with all possible solutions. This would also mean that each person who plays through the game can have a slightly different experience as the puzzle resolutions may not be the same. Also there are little side missions some of which are simply to reunite a group or family by finding and stacking them together, and others just come from using your stacked actions in different situations to gain a little extra playtime and a lot of fun.
To conclude I just think it’s really awesome to have a game which allows you to play through quickly or give in to your obsessive compulsive tendencies and collect all characters, and solve each puzzle each way.