Minecraft and Bukkit Team Up

So as most of you know I have been running a Minecraft server for a good while now (Since Alpha 0.2) and ever since Bukkit was formed at the end of 2010 I have been using it as an API as well as the source for all my mod’s. As of this past Tuesday the 28th of February Bukkit has become an official part of the Mojang team. This means that a new official API is in development and is being coded by who I think have the best server mod currently. This I think is great news as it will result in the official Minecraft server implementing everything plus more that we have come to love from Bukkit, it will also mean that this process should go smoother as the developers have already dealt with a lot of issues and can bypass them. This also means that for the time being the Mojang team will be helping make Bukkit more solid as well as allowing quicker releases of the API.
So I would like to say congratulations to both Mojang and Bukkit, and I hope the merger goes well, and I look forward to the release of their new server.


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