“God Hates Game Designers”

When I came across this pic today, I was honestly very confused. I mean, what is wrong with these people? Then I did a little reading. This scene took place at a Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco last week. The protesters were arguably over the top with the whole “God Hates Game Designers” thing. However, from a social and artistic perspective I can understand their point. Part of what he is arguing is that gaming has become more about making money than providing an entertaining, and artistic form of human expression. What interested me most was this statement:
If you reduce fun to a set of mechanisms reminiscent of a rat in a cage hitting a lever to get a pellet, I think that reduces something rich and vital about the human experience. (Quote from Ars Technica)
I think what they are getting at here is “the grind”. After personally (or at least virtually) running around completing quests, and killing so many of this or that creature in WoW, I kind of see the point. This stuff does keep us playing. However, is this time well spent or just a colossal waste of time? Maybe something we should ask ourselves next time someone asks us to slay 50 giant spiders or whatever.


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