So there is still some controversy as to whether or not FortressCraft is a Minecraft clone, but after checking out some of the features it has with the eighth free content patch the game looks pretty interesting and has taken its own direction.
In case you were unaware FortressCraft is one of several sandbox games similar in style to Minecraft which were released on XBLA (XBox Live Arcade). The game is only 240 MSP and has a great style as well as many cool features including.
Rewards for creating highly rated servers
Multiple game modes (including FreezeTag, Hunt and Spleef Arena)
Highly configurable world creation
Highly configurable detail options, including lots of fun postpro shaders
Automated machines to dig for you
Tectonic Rise
A crafting workshop that lets you craft your own unique blocks
Varied blocks – kiddie, futuristic, pixel creation

Now this post is a pre purchase view of the game, so check out a later view after I Own and play it for a bit.


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