Want To Improve Your StarCraft 2 Skills? Well Look No Further!

Do you play StarCraft 2? Need help with those over-running Zergs? Getting owned by Terran Banshees early game? Are those pesky Protoss Void Rays wrecking your day? Or do you just want to be a better StarCraft 2 player? If you answered yes to any of these questions then let Day[9] help you!

Sean Plott, also known as Day[9] to the e-sports community, is a former professional StarCraft: BroodWar player that has migrated to the StarCraft 2 world and brought along his amazing ability of picking apart strategies and showing players how to be better at StarCraft 2. You may be thinking “why should I listen to this guy?” Well lets look at his credentials.
[Taken from the Wiki] Day[9] has qualified for the World Cyber Games in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and won the 2007 Pan-American tournament. He qualified for the American finals three times, and was recognized as the PC Gamer gamer of the year in 2010. On top of that he appears regularly as a StarCrat 2 commentator for major tournaments around the world, including Blizzcon, Major League Gaming professional circuit, the Dreamhack and the Team Liquid Star League, and now he hosts his own online TV show called the “Day[9] Daily.” So what I’m trying to say is this guy knows his StarCraft.

 So lets talk about his show, “The Day[9] Daily.” The show airs live 7pm PST Sunday – Thursday (that’s 11:30pm for us in Newfoundland), and runs for about an hour an episode. You can see it here. Currently there are over 400 episodes. In these episodes or “Dailys,” Day[9] breaks down the gameplay of pro StarCraft 2 players into easy to understand fundamentals of good gameplay and over arching strategies to help you become a better gamer. In fact, the slogan of the show is “The Day[9] Daily, where we learn to be a better gamer.” He will talk about proper build orders, how to handle pressure, how to setup your hotkeys, and more in depth ideas like where to place you buildings for best defense or to constrict map movement for your opponent. The show is also very entertaining, full of jokes, blunders and hilarious epic fails.
It’s also viewer interactive. If your watching the Daily live you have the option of participating in the chat. Sometimes Day[9] will take polls from the chat on what topics they want to go over and even answers questions on his in-depth analysis of the current Daily. There is also a optional subscription service to help support the show. The subscription is 100% optional and does not hinder you from watching the show if you choose not to subscribe. If you do choose to subscribe (again 100% optional) you have the chance of playing Starcraft 2 on the show live with Day[9] in some sort of subscriber event. Usually these eventsinvolve Day[9] putting a fun constriction on the gameplay (Like only building one unit for the entire game.)

Another great addition to the site is the “Video Archive.” This is where all the episodes are stored. So if you miss an episode or missed a topic you wanted advice on, you can still watch it from the Video Archive.

So go check out http://day9.tv/ and “learn to be a better gamer.” And if you like it consider supporting it by subscribing to the Daily.


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