Tim Schafer wanted $400,000 in 32 days. He got more than 1 Million in 24 hours.

This right here is what makes me proud to be a gamer. The fans have spoken with their money, Tim Schafer’s adventure games shall continue!

For those of you not familiar with Tim Schafer games, hit the jump for some videos!

I grew up on Tim Schafer games. Day of the tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Monkey island were my bread butter and cheese. This was before Instant messaging became big, so we hadn’t discovered LOL yet, but laugh out loud? I certainly did. Then I grew up, and Tim released psychonauts a fantastic platforming adventure. The story was just as fresh as I would expect from Tim. Then, Brutal Legend, a game confused in it’s elements. Adventure? RTS? Zelda-esque? All these things and more, it was still great.
Here is Tim’s life story of how he got into the industry

And here is The story of his creations!


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