The Backlog Challenge: Call of Duty Black Ops

In my previous post I talked about that little problem that I had with not finishing video games. Well, I figured that I would challenge myself to stop this nasty habit. So as of February 2012, I will be attempting to finish my backlog of video games. I will not start or buy any new games, but instead finish as many of my “older” games as possible. I will also blog about my progress as I go. That way I will end up telling on myself when I begin to slip, or at least tell about my triumphs.

First on the backlog chopping block: Call of Duty: Black Ops. Why Black Ops? To begin with, I believe this will be the easiest game to finish. I am over half way done, and without the attachment I have to the characters that I have with RPG’s I will have no issue with finishing it. (Though I did have a WTF moment during the death of Ghost in MW2.) I will let you know that I am completing this game on hard mode, and I am on still my first run through. I am currently doing the Rebirth mission from Hudson’s perspective. Let’s see how this goes.
Is there anyone else out there that is willing to accept the challenge?


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