Starbound, taking metroidvania to the heavens and beyond.

Metroidvania, it is my favourite genre of game. Allow me to give a brief summary of what makes a Metroidvania game.
If you are unfamiliar with with term, it came into existence after Castlevania: Symphony of the night for playstation. Arguably the best in the series, this Castlevania was the first to incorporate several features used in Super Metroid for the Snes.
A metroidvania game will typically feature non-linear exploration, coupled with a linear plot. Which creates the interesting effect known as sequence breaking. Which means, through clever item use, you access a part of the map before the would typically permit. There is A slow power progression from meek to marvellous. The gap between a starter character and endgame character is like a child to a god. As you gather abilities which enable further exploration or destruction. It is important for a metroidvania to feature a goal, something for the player to strive towards. This will keep the player searching for new upgrades to unlock new areas, so they can accomplish this goal.
Last year, Terraria fused metroidvania and minecraft. The result was outstanding. Now we have the next step, Starbound.
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I will just list the features for starters
Procedurally generated worlds, weapons, and armor. So everything is random. No two characters will have an identical experience. Worlds will have different weather, gravity, hostiles.
infinite number of worlds. The amount of places to go are limitless, each with a threat ranging from 1-100. Threat level 100 areas will always be difficult, even with the best gear.
An active story, complete with npcs and missions. Story mission areas will be pre-designed set-peices hand crafted for specific gameplay. Rescuing Npcs you find will increase your abilities, and available technology.
Monsters can be captured and then trained. So each person can bring a personal monster party member adventuring with them.
The multiplayer will have all the functionality of the single player along with pvp, but there will be asteroid arenas for organized PVP.
Vehicles, Mechs and hoverbikes already confirmed. Bossfights as well.
Oh, and all the building/destroying that minecraft and terraria offer + y’know…. Orbital strikes
Plus so much more. When is the release date you ask? They say this summer! But it isn’t set in stone.
Have a gander at these awesome screenshots



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