Rift Lite! What does it Mean?

OK so I just received an email from Rift developer Trion Worlds Inc. informing me that they have officially released a Lite version for free. What does this mean for us?
Well we pretty well get the same thing offered by Blizzard’s World of Warcraft a few months back which is the ability to play a character to level 20 with a small twist, Rift has no restrictions. That’s right, unlike the limited world explore and other limitations in WoW Rift says it has none. Now I am sure there will be limits reached when traveling to zones higher than level 20 but that would be expected. Now onto the only question I have. Is this just the first step before becoming free to play?
I am a huge fan of MMORPG’s but, due to the lack of time I have to play them, it seems like a waste to pay a monthly fee. That being said, I know its not much money and I know how affordable it is. I just don’t like paying for something then not playing it for three months. Now when Rift was in Beta I actually played it a fair bit and thought it was a great game. The amount of time I invested resulted in a conversation with a few friends about our views on subscriptions. We all hoped it would eventually turn free to play. So here’s hoping that the game does go free to play/pay to be awesome, but till then i will enjoy the first 20 levels again.


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