So many of you may remember a good while ago, Mantic games released a dungeon crawler board game called Dwarf King’s Hold. Since the success of that game they decided to do a Sci-Fi version to coincide with their new sci-fi tabletop game. The game Project Pandora: Grim Cargo pits the Corporation against an 8th Race (still a mystery at this point), who have boarded a Corporation Starship and attempt to steal the cargo that the corporation will protect at any cost.
One of the great things about the game is that it is written by the author of the Dwarf King’s Hold series, which got great reviews from its fans and even sold out on release. It includes 20 highly detailed plastic miniatures, stunning new artwork depicting the starship and action counters, and the Grim Cargo rulebook, featuring a host of fast paced and easy to learn rules that will lead to some incredibly tense games I suggest you check it out Here.


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